Foundry teaming up with Foamhand – Crowd Management Tools

Paul Foster and Adam Down from Foamhand are working together with Foundry Digital on their upcoming Foamhand project, which is geared up at Crowd Management for sporting events. It’s really as cool as it sounds, more so when they have been behind major sporting events like The Rugby World Cup 2011, London Olympics 2012 and …

Pilot Spider by Foundry set to launch Q1 2014

Foundry, the London based digital studio, is set to launch Pilot Spider a new CRM platform during Q1 2014 aiming to facilitate data management for marketing and sales departments. Whilst the program is currently available under restricted license as a desktop solution for some corporate clients, the plan is to make it available for online …

SalesForce announces Q2 report

SalesForce has announced a year-over-year growth of more than 30% in revenue, deferred revenue, and operating cash flow, according to Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, “I’m delighted to announce that just four years after delivering our first $1 billion revenue year, we are now poised to deliver our first $1 billion revenue quarter in the …

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