We have spent the last few years creating and building great mobile experiences that tailor brands to the needs of their users, producing innovative Android and iOS apps.



Our App Development Process

Our approach focuses on enhancing the user’s experience, so that your brand engages with customers on the move.
We aim to cover your mobile app development from strategic planning and UX/UI design through to front-end development, back-end integration, testing and delivery.

Step 1: Mobile strategy and planning

We work with clients to create a Mobile project strategy, understanding their commercial vision, crafting the project’s architecture, and formulating a realistic timeline and budget.

10mobile-app-application-iconStep 2: Mobile app architecture

The next step is to develop the basic frame of the app. The following are created:

  • Wireframes
  • Screen flows
  • Prototypes
  • Functional and technical specs


Step 3: User interface

This is when the visual elements of the app are developed. come into existence. Consideration and prioritisation of UX interaction is reflected in our graphic design so that we ensure strong and appealing aesthetics will be the face of an awesomely functioning application.


Step 4: App development and build

The designs of visuals and functionality come to life via code implementation and system and functionalities integration. This is followed by QA testing so that it is robust and competent for launch into its live environment.




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