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A big welcome to Laura Gray our new graphic designer!


The more observant of you will have noticed a Junior Graphic Designer ad across our social media channels recently since we announced Hector was leaving to set off on Australian adventures.

Well, we are pleased to say this position is now filled by the lovely Laura Gray.

We’ve found that although Laura’s London life is a big change from her country girl upbringing, art and design have remained a constant:

Where did your love of design come from?
Well my true inspiration to get into art and design came from my Mum. She showed me her art portfolio from her school days and I fell in love with the pieces she had created. In fact, one of the first pieces I drew was a copy of one of my favourite drawings of hers. Art became part of my every day and a great method of self expression. It was something I’d grown up with, so when it came to college and uni, arty subjects were a natural choice.

You mention drawing as a child, and yet here you are as a junior graphic designer at a creative digital agency. How did this develop?
My generation have grown up with huge changes in the extent of technology available to artists and designers. I learnt a lot about this in my uni course at AUB i studied fashion but decided to specialise in “Digital Communication and Innovation” which coincided with becoming increasingly in awe of gadgets and how they can re-shape what society considers “the norm”. I love how I am able to integrate technology into art to develop design possibilities.

Who are your influencers in the world of design?
One of my favourite designers is Alexander Mcqueen. I love that he was so masculine and yet captured femininity so effortlessly in his work. I also have great admiration for fine art, particularly Gerhard Richter’s work which I found a joy to study as one of my independent academic projects. Tracey Emin is also a big inspiration to me as she uses her art to communicate her feminist views and I think it is great that she explores and demonstrates how visual culture can be used as a form of political expression.


We can’t help but compliment Laura’s awesome black suede boots with pink embroidered flowery heel –
Thanks, they are a recent present. But now that you mention it, I also love how the fashion world and how it progresses in design. I’ve actually worked backstage at quite a few fashion shows and found the live environment really exciting. Fashion design will always be something I keep an eye on as I find the colour palettes and textures can be helpful inspiration in my graphic design work.

Fun Fact?
As a kid I lived in a hotel where we had 2 pet lamas!

Any words of wisdom for your public?
I’m a victim to this but although the technological progression is important (and exciting) try not to let it consume you! If you seek inspiration or motivation just go outside, grab an ice cream, save the world…something like that!

Laura’s design talent, positive energy and 70s music requests are a welcome addition to the Foundry family and we look forward to the great work she will create with us.



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