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A Fountain of eCommerce Wisdom


Having your very own eCommerce store designed and developed can be an exciting step towards expanding your brand and making your products more visible and accessible to potential customers.


As an eCommerce website is more complex than a typical “look book” site, there are more elements to consider when planning and executing the eCommerce design and build.

So what factors must you consider to make your eCommerce project a success?


Design and Structure

You are most likely to get a high visitor to customer conversion rate if you have an attractive site that encourages and guides them through the eCommerce journey in a streamlined fashion.

This starts with creating a site structure designed around user experience. Dreaming up an ideal navigation trail that a visitor would follow will help you confirm the eCommerce site map that your store should follow.


Foundry Digital’s designers are experienced in using layout and colour scheme arrangement to encourage a site visitor to explore product ranges and continue on to purchasing. We can incorporate and extend branding to create a seamless shopping journey.

Our ecommerce design and build service



cost-icon-02There is no clean cut, simple answer. The cost of your e-commerce website is going to be dependent upon its levels of functionality and structure design.

The e-commerce solution (the system that allows users to pay) is not too much, but it is the surrounding elements that should be carefully planned, organised, and budgeted for.  The platform you purchase needs design work to make it a user-friendly eCommerce store.

Therefore, a realistic budget will include money for branding to be incorporated through the site and for design work being completed by a professional graphic designer. Professional standard product photos are also a must in Foundry Digital’s opinion; images that present your product in an appealing way are far more likely to attract and engage a potential customer.


Setting up a merchant accountmerchant-account-icon-03

To make the shopping experience as hassle free as possible for your customers, you should set up a credit card merchant account.  It is important to make this as streamlined as possible, as they are more likely to place an order if the process is easy and efficient.

When deciding upon which provider to use, it is worth doing your research. There will be differing fee structures and per transaction fees to suit a range of company types and sizes. Be sure to pick one suited to your business needs and requirements.



Store security

store-security-icon-04No, a scary looking security guard can protect your online shop, but online security is crucial to ensuring that your customers feel comfortable and confident making transactions on your site. It is a crime to overlook the security of your site as you will lose a lot of potential orders.

An SSL certificate is a worthwhile investment as a security certificate reassures customers that your site has encrypting technology. Users are typically in-the-know that a site that encrypts any data they share makes it very difficult for hackers to access their details.



Keeping current

Foundry Digital ensure we provide clients with a management system that is easy to grasp. A simple user interface allows you to easily update your site to reflect stock, which is key to maintaining an eCommerce site. Aside from uploading or editing products, you’ll be able to alter content or add blog pieces by following easy to navigate steps. A clean and user-friendly back end enables you to make site updates without requiring any HTML expertise, and prevents you from having to seek costly assistance unnecessarily.


getting-noticed-icon-06Once an eCommerce site is live, you have to make noise to be heard. Without people knowing you exist, you stand to lose money. A marketing campaign should accompany the launch of your eCommerce site to announce your online arrival.

Consider SEO

consider-seo-icon-07An SEO campaign can also contribute to your website being found more through search engines.

Instant results is unrealistic, but by implementing an SEO strategy or running an SEO campaign, your eCommerce site has more chance of being read fondly and ranked by the likes of Google. This improves the likelihood that your website will be found though ‘organic’ searches.


Foundry Digital have ample experience creating great eCommerce stores, so get in touch with us if eCommerce is the next step in your business’ success.


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