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A warm welcome to Sebastian – Foundry Digital’s newest Web Developer

Sebastian recently joined the Foundry Digital team as a web developer. He is highly skilled and highly qualified, and has worked hard to be able to deliver the level of expertise that he offers. We were really keen to know a bit more about Sebastian, and what makes him tick!


Why did you choose to become a web developer?
I always had an interest in this sort of thing so it was great that it was part of my degree. Whilst I was studying I realised just how much I enjoyed it, and how easily it came to me compared to the other subjects. For me, databases and web development have always been my favourite things to learn about so it made sense for me to choose a career path that incorporated them.

Why did you want to join Foundry Digital?
Working with Foundry Digital was an easy decision to make. It seemed like the right thing too because it meant I would have the opportunity to learn new things. I know that at an agency like Foundry I’ll be able to build on and reinforce my previous knowledge of web development.


What do you like to do in your spare time?
Music is my passion and I love video games and vehicles too. I’ve loved videogames since I was a kid, like a lot of web developers I guess, and I love driving because I know a lot about it and the more I learn the more I love it.

You say that you’re passionate about music, what is it that you enjoy so much about it?
Music makes up a big part of my life, I listen to it when I’m working and when I’m just hanging out. I find that it helps me to relax but also helps me to focus when I’m working hard. I listen to it a lot!

Tell us a bit more about you.
Well, I’m 28 years old and a Systems Engineer (that’s a type of web developer for anyone reading this feeling a little bemused). I have an international certification in PHP so that’s something that I think is quite cool.

I have a wife and a daughter, they’re my greatest treasures, especially my little girl. I spend all my spare time with her, playing, laughing, teaching her things.

You seem like a very happy person?!
I think so, yes I’m always cheerful. I try to be responsible for my daughter, for my wife, for my work. I’m also optimistic and honest, although sometimes I have a  bad temper so maybe I can be too honest!

We can tell that Sebastian is going to be a hugely positive addition to the Foundry Digital team, both because of his strong work ethic and also his upbeat attitude. We’re really looking forward to having another smiling face around!

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