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Best tools to build Mobile Applications


Flurry analytics tracked a record of 4.7 Billion app sessions in a single day on 31st December 2013 for a total of 1.126 Trillion sessions for the whole year.  Those big numbers are the proof that mobile technologies are not only having such a great impact in customers’ behaviour, but also are opening new business opportunities for companies.

Nowadays, there are plenty of tools for building your own cross-platform mobile apps that can vary from a simple template to more complex solutions, price, and features.

Why do you want to develop a mobile app?

Before you start building any app, ask yourself why you are building a mobile app. This is because do you want to increase sales or provide a greater functionality than your mobile site? Do you want to facilitate access to your customers when they are offline? Basically, what do you want to achieve?

In other words, do not build a mobile app just for the sake of it. Do not waste resources if you app does not help your business grow or add value to your products.

Get to know your Audience

A mobile app enables your customers to have greater access and interaction with your services and products. To succeed you must take the customer’s point of view as your guideline: what does they expect from your app? What are the reasons that motivate customers to use your app instead of another app from your competitors?

A mobile app must generate interest and value for them. What do you want to happen after your app is downloaded? How do you want to generate revenue for your business? Do you want people come back to your app? Would they recommend to other users?

Mobile app platforms

As Apple iOS and Android dominates mobile phone market, people often associate mobile app with those mobile operator systems only. However, Blackberry and Windows also have support for developing applications, mobile websites, themes and widgets.

Basically, all platforms provide samples, source code, developer tools and emulators for testing any app your build. So the first step is to carry out a careful research about understanding which operating system suits better for your app and the audience you wish to reach.

Building the right app

Foundry has created a selected list of the most useful tools for cross-platform mobile apps available in the market for building and implement mobile applications of varying complexity:

1. AppsGreyser


AppsGreyser is a convenient business solution for small business owners that are looking for monetizing their own apps. It is an app that has everything you need including messaging, social sharing, tabs and HTML5 enhancements.

Learn more about AppsGreyser

2. Conduit

ConduitConduit also lets you decide what you would like to feature in an app, and determine which outlet you would like to explore, from mobile apps, browser toolbars to community application by going through the app-building wizard. Publishing an app using Conduit should not be a difficult matter.

Learn more about Conduit 




3. Sencha

Sencha Touch is a powerful javascript framework mobile app capable to cope with complex web applications that need to replicate a native app.

Mobile development using Sencha Touch can be simple thank you to its advanced rendering capabilities but still needed expertise knowledge so it could be a bit challenging for new developers. It is Java Script based therefore little html code writing is required but a well-organised code is vital.

It is compatible with different iPhones, iPad, and most of Android phones.



Sencha Touch Bundle enables mobile developers work with HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks and tools they need to build touch-based apps in a single, integrated package. Basically, it is end-to-end mobile app development solution for developing robust, cross-platform apps that run across iPhones, iPad, and  Android phones.

Learn more about Sencha | Pricing and more features

4. RhoMobile


It is an open-source framework for building native applications that let you use familiar web tools such as HTML, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

RhoMobile can run on a variety of devices include Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and RIM.

Coding is only necessary one time and you can access and edit your data at any time even when you are offline by using RhoSync.

Currently, by using RhoHub you can also build, deploy and sync server to the cloud.

Learn more about RhoMobile



It is cloud based mobile app platform with a visual development environment for producing complex mobile web apps with server backends such as cloud databases and push notifications to be deployed to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5. interface is easy to use but this tool requires professional developers as you are creating both back- and front-end systems that demand expertise knowledge.

Learn more about

Pricing and more features








6. PhoneGap


PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that uses standard web development languages such as HTML and JavaScript and standardized web APIs for the platforms you are interested in.

PhoneGap offers Adobe PhoneGap Build for building mobile apps in the cloud, and support to developers to get access native API’s and build mobile apps on its own platform.

Learn more about PhoneGap

7. MobiCart


With this ecommerce app builder you are able to turn your e-commerce store into a mcommerce app for iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5. MobiCart works on its own, or can link up to your existing website, integrating with your any shopping cart software. Also, you can customize you shopping cart to enable you to add your own brand, products and pages according to your business needs.

Learn more about MobiCart | Pricing and more features

8. WidgetPad

This program allows web developers to create mobile phone app using standard web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. It also let you transfer any applications to any app stores without re-writing the code.

With WidgePad you can create web-based applications that utilize each phone’s hardware capabilities.

Learn more about WidgetPad

How Foundry can help you?

Choosing the best tool for creating an app for your business or product will depend on what you want to achieve, your budget and the complexity of your app.

Foundry always advise clients to build an mobile app as log as it let your business get revenue, extend channels to connect with customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Whatever method you choose, including a template or more complex app the process can be challenging, but finding the right support or developer would help you to optimise resources, cost and obtain the results you company and customers expect.

Foundry can help you develop the right mobile app solution for any kind of business including small to large retailers.

We also device, design, develop and promote your mobile app according to your needs and budget. Please call 020 8761 2108 or 07772886969 or email us



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