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Building your eCommerce website with WooCommerce


If you’re a small business owner looking to take your business online by building an eCommerce website, there are lots of things you need to think about and it can seem a daunting task. Choosing which platform to build your eCommerce store with is a key step in ensuring that you give your business the best start in the online world.

When it comes to thinking about and choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business, you’ll find that going to an agency can help you. This is because more often than not, an agency will have one main platform that it favours and offers in-depth knowledge and expertise in. At Foundry Digital, we have plenty of experience in building successful eCommerce websites, and our platform of choice is WooCommerce. But why should you choose WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform?

Before you’ve even got to selecting which eCommerce payment system to use, selecting WooCommerce as your eCommerce platform will help to stand you in good stead. WooCommerce has many advantages as a platform, including its usability for startup eCommerce stores. Read on to find out Foundry Digital’s top reasons to choose this platform to build your eCommerce store with.woocommerce

Some of our favourite WooCommerce features

We find that for startup eCommerce store owners, WooCommerce is something of a sandpit where you can learn and hone your skills in creating a strong eCommerce store. There are numerous choices of free tools to get you started out, meaning that you will have plenty of options when deciding what works for your business. As well as this, WooCommerce offer a range of plugins that come with very reasonable price tags that are definitely worth budgeting for as your business grows. They have partnerships with some of the most trusted names in eCommerce so from payment to delivery, you can ensure that your products will reach your customers. As well as this, using these well-known names will help to boost trust in your brand and in the long run will encourage your customers to purchase more products!

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Flexible Product Catalogue

  • Flexible site navigation allowing for easy product browsing by product grouping 
  • Display an unlimited number of products, product groups and product subgroups 
  • Bespoke Product page layout 
  • Support for multiple product images, custom defined fields 
  • Display featured products in their own prominent panel 
  • Being able to share a product via social media and wishlists
  • Display Stock levels on the product pages, or more generic messages such as ‘In Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’ 
  • Product submitted enquiries confirmation emails are sent to customer and shop owner automatically 
  • Product submitted enquiries are saved to a secure database, for peace of mind 

Powerful Searching

  • Easily search by keyword across the entire site 
  • Filter search across a subset of categories 
  • Powerful searches across all product details on the site (product names, codes, brands, descriptions, product values, meta data, etc.) 
  • Refine product searches by ordering results by Product name or by price Bespoke Design

woocommerce delivery methods

Flexible Shipping Models

  • Fully comprehensive, flexible shipping features 
  • Choose between International Shipping or UK only 
  • Free or charge for shipping based on weight or order value 
  • Offer free delivery over a set order value or weight to increase sales 
  • Multiple carrier support (e.g. Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx) 
  • Define and manage your own delivery zones (UK, USA, Europe, ROW)

Clear Back Office

  • Online shop management 
  • Built-in order-processing – flexible workflow allows processing of orders from receipt to shipment 
  • Simple visual management of product categories, allowing for multiple levels 
  • Accurately calculates shipping and taxation costs 
  • Create and view sales reports
  • Flexible searching and sorting of orders and products 
  • Comprehensive online product management and maintenance 
  • Simple entry of product and category meta data to aid with site search 
  • Automated Customer Communication – automated customer emails each step of the way 

woocommerce payment methods

Flexible Payment Methods

  •  Flexible payment methods
  • Choose between cash, card, online payment options
  • Multiple method support (eg. SagePay, AmazonPay, PayPal, Klarna)


At Foundry Digital, we understand how important it is for your eCommerce website to reflect your brand and its personality. This is one of the reasons we use WooCommerce to build any of our eCommerce website projects because it doesn’t limit design. We work with our clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life in a bespoke way, and we never rely on previous templates to mould a new project around. With WooCommerce we have free rein to create entirely unique eCommerce websites every time, allowing your brand to be replicated in the online world. Read more about why we love WooCommerce:



Endless help and support is available with WooCommerce

Once your eCommerce store is up and running if you have any queries about the platform, fear not because with WooCommerce there is always help at hand. Not only are there are vast online communities filled with WooCommerce experts ready to offer advice, but even starting out by Googling your query is likely to get you on the right track.

As it was built for eCommerce websites operating with WordPress, WooCommerce integrates flawlessly with this CMS. That means that maintaining your products as well as your eCommerce website as a whole, is super easy. In fact, we’ve written an entire article about the benefits of building your website with WordPress to show you why an eCommerce platform built exclusively for it is the best idea.

Maintaining your eCommerce store is the next set of steps to think about and this is something that Foundry Digital can help you out with. We provide our clients with continued support post-launch of their eCommerce websites and operate an open-door policy, so if you need any advice or guidance on using WooCommerce feel free to pop in or give us a call. We offer maintenance packages that include backups of your eCommerce website, as well as the opportunity to have any required WooCommerce upgrades reviewed and implemented as often as necessary so you can keep up to speed.


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Real-life examples of the benefits of WooCommerce

And finally, but of course most importantly, we at Foundry Digital have a wealth of experience in building eCommerce websites using WooCommerce. As an eCommerce Agency we find it an equally strong and flexible platform which allows for an extensively customisable foundation from which you can build your eCommerce store. Furthermore, we have an in-depth understanding of which combinations of plugins and add-ons work well to create the best shopping experience for your users, and which ones create extra functionality that can boost your eCommerce website. Head to our eCommerce Projects Page to browse some of our successful work, or if you’re looking to build your own eCommerce website why not get in touch today.


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