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How digital marketing is changing the financial services industry

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The use of Digital Marketing in the Financial Services Industry is becoming increasingly more common, with many companies asking the question of how digital marketing can benefit their customer acquisition and customer experience. Foundry Digital have worked with a number of Financial Services companies in the past and have helped them to boost web traffic …

What does successful email marketing look like?

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Your email marketing strategy is another ingredient in the cake that is your overall Digital Marketing Strategy. Following on from the GDPR changes earlier this year, it’s no longer acceptable to spam every Tom, Dick and Harry that you have in your address book, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As with the majority …

Digital Marketing: the importance of planning

Your Digital Marketing strategy is one of the most important components of your online business. Once your website has gone live, and even beforehand, if you want to make the most out of your online presence it is essential to have a game plan in place. For many people (small business owners included), the phrase …

How to create a successful email marketing campaign

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Email marketing is still being one the key channels to reach potential clients and engage with current customers. As latest reports underline, email marketing continues to deliver excellent return on investment when companies use it effectively. Changes in technology have dramatically changed consumer habits and as consequence, email marketing campaigns have to be effective and …

Foundry recommends white label lists for email marketing campaigns

Writing an email campaign is one of the key points of whether a campaign succeeds or fails. However, this is not everything. All your effort to copy the perfect email marketing could end in one click when using the wrong solution for spreading your campaign. Basically, an email marketing campaign could sound like a spam …

Grow your Business with an E-mail Marketing Campaign with Foundry

At Foundry, we help business to grow by creating and building communication campaigns that stick. Our designers, creatives and techies are passionate about everything we do, no matter how big or how small your budget is. As summer ends, we are thinking of ways to help you generate more leads or sales. This is why, until …

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