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Digital Marketing: the importance of planning

Your Digital Marketing strategy is one of the most important components of your online business. Once your website has gone live, and even beforehand, if you want to make the most out of your online presence it is essential to have a game plan in place. For many people (small business owners included), the phrase …

How website security affects SEO

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In July, Google will be upping their web security game, making it easier for web users to tell whether a website is secure or not. They’re going to be doing this by updating the way they display a website’s level of security within Google Search Results, and ranking those that are not secure as lower …

Foundry Digital are expanding

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Foundry Digital are proud to be expanding our offices. Our talented web designers, digital marketing team and project managers are based at our London hub, to make us accessible to our network of clients and agencies that we partner with. We are excited to announce that we have recently opened an office in Argentina where …

GDPR countdown – fuss free advice for small businesses

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As a small business owner, GDPR is an acronym that you’ve probably heard being thrown around a lot lately.  It’s so easy to tune out once people start getting into detail about GDPR and what will happen to data privacy laws after 25th May because let’s be honest, betting on what the Royal Baby is …

Why you should use an agency to build your eCommerce website


At Foundry Digital we know a common question you might have is why you should choose an agency over an in-house team or freelancer to build your eCommerce website. Although we’re slightly biased and will say “agency” every time, we have the track record and the portfolio to showcase why agencies are the right choice …

Why you should consider using live streaming to improve your digital marketing strategy

live streaming

According to Livestream, 80% of people would rather absorb information about their favourite brand via live streaming, than read a blog article. 82% of people would rather watch a live streaming video than look at a social media post. On social media, videos receive 1,200% more shares than text or photo based posts, combined. These …

GDPR 101: a guide to help small businesses prepare for data privacy regulation changes

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With just two months to go, the countdown until the new GDPR comes into effect is on,  so Foundry Digital are here to offer you some advice. We’re going to answer some of the burning questions we know you may have, like: “What is the GDPR?”; “What does it mean for small businesses?”; “What do …

Top tips for top content:
how having sticky content can boost traffic to your website

top tips for top content

Content is not just about words, it’s also about having powerful photography and engaging video. We’d like to share with you some of our tips for how to produce high quality, interesting content. As a website owner you want as many people as possible to visit your site. But if they’re not hanging around, those …

SSL simplified how to choose the right SSL Certificate for your website

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Clients often ask Foundry what SSL is and whether it is a necessary purchase for their site. So here is a brief but informative investigation of SSL certificates to erase the mystery surrounding them. SSL is the backbone of our secure Internet, protecting sensitive information or data as it travels across the world.  Once an …

Introducing Izzie, the newest member of the Digital Marketing team


Izzie is the latest addition to the Digital Marketing team at Foundry Digital. It’s not been long but she’s learning a lot already and we can tell that she’s going to be a valuable asset. Photography is a big hobby of Izzie’s so she definitely has a creative streak which we’re looking forward to discovering …

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