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Create effective call to actions for your ecommerce website

A strong CTA (call to action) on your ecommerce website can make the difference between your visitors making a purchase on your online store or leaving shortly after initial browsing.

Little thought is given at how a CTA added to the website or blog content relates and connects between the landing page and the product to purchase. An example of this is the “BUY NOW” button that aims to get an immediate sale from a visitor, hoping they are ready to make an impulsive buy without going through the buying cycle. This cycle, which occurs via the website page funnel, is where a key engagement tides in between the user and the product.

But, what is a call to action?

A CTA can be a button, banner, text-link or graphic that encourages visitors to click and take an specific action, like learning more about a product or join a newsletter distribution list. Effective CTAs are critical to convert visitors into leads and subsequently into customers.


A CTA should aim to drive visitors to go NEXT and not to do something NOW. Inviting them to go somewhere “Next” creates a relationship and engagement, forcing them to do something “Now” can be a put off and hard sell.

This is why the first CTA your visitor encounters shouldn’t aim at a immediate purchase, and we are all too familiar with websites that as soon as you land require you to register straight away to view more information. Likewise, pay-per-click landing pages that offer very little apart of a DO IT NOW button require you enter your details and credit card details. These experiences are unlikely to get any conversion from visitor to customer, so always consider an strategic approach to engage with visitors first and step by step increase their desirability on the product or service you wish them to sign up for.


What about the visual aspect of a CTA?

At Foundry, we like a combination of friendly text links and bold contrasting buttons for our calls to action that pops against the rest of the page design and it’s clear in milliseconds for the reader where the need to click in order to go next. Size is also important and the aspect ratio against other elements. Bigger is not better, but it needs to be slightly larger that most elements on the page.

The text of your buttons or banners can add a sense of urgency and a need to prompt action with these words in phrases such as:

  • Offer expires 31st October
  • Limited stock available
  • Order today and receive a free gift

Remember, CTAs are powerful drivers that point traffic to your products/services online and help you generate leads and generate measurable return on investment.

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