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Designing and developing apps for the new iPhone5c, iPhone5s?


At the latest Apple conference (September 10), Apple unveiled two new products: iPhone5C and the iPhone5S which will be using the new iOS7. In addition to this, Apple announced a range of free software, including the iWork package, which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Naturally at Foundry we were interested on this update, after all, we pretty much like and use a range of Apple products. Furthermore, we have developed some apps for previous iPhones and tablets.

However, we are not totally impressed with the new iPhone update. We were expecting a bigger screen and a longer life battery, and none of those characteristics are part of the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.

It would be interesting to put our hands on both phones and see how the two products compare their new features like for like. We got a feeling that the cheaper, plastic might end up a winner.

How iOS7 will affect us, mobile app developers?


As mobile developers, the new iOS in particularly interest us and how this will affect the way we build apps. Perhaps, we are looking beyond Apple’s parallax effect that makes the app icons appear to float in 3D, feature doesn’t really do much, but it is fun to show your friends.

The latest operating system also make easier to access and control some basic functions of the phone. Swiping down from the top of the phone will bring you a totally overhauled Notification Center.

Another update, that curiously interests us, is the widescreen resolution at 16:9, or 1136 by 640, which has raised some interesting questions about how we should develop apps for the new ratio. It seems that regardless of the resolution we develop, the display graphics will be scaled accordingly, however, any app that doesn’t account for the extra dimension will possibly be stretched.  Food for thought…




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