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The essentials of a successful PPC campaign with a limited budget


A successful online marketing campaign is that one with high conversion rates. However, achieving optimal results is not an easy process and, in many cases, this is only possible when combining several strategies from email marketing to PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising).

Internet marketing is a highly competitive industry in which your company has to stand out if wishes to increase market share and to reach Internet users who could convert into new leads.

Big brands have greater budgets to spend on online advertising, and therefore they always get bigger web exposure. However, every penny counts when a company has a limited budget, and if that is the case, a PCC strategy more than ever needs to be optimised to get the best possible results.

Foundry’s recommendations to create an effective PCC strategy

Set your PPC campaign’s goals:  Not always an online advertising campaign aims to increase sales, in some cases, the strategy is devised for brand awareness or for obtaining or increasing subscribers. So, think carefully what the aim of your online campaign is before you start a PPC campaign to avoid spending too much money on advertising that will not bring the result you expect.

Choose an advertising program: The most popular program is Google AdWords, but it is not the only one. Google AdWords allow you to display adverts within Google search result pages.  

Other leading advertising programs are: The Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Product Ads, Bing Shopping, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Set a budget: Foundry advice clients to start with small budget to evaluate results. Once you find out what works best for achieving your campaign’s goals, you will be able to develop from there.

Beginning with small budget is considered good practice even among the most versatile professional in PPC advertising.

Advertising programs enable you to set a daily budget, days and times for displaying your ads. You can also stop a campaign at any time.

Advertising programs seems to be cheap for those who are not familiar with this kind of advertising, but if a careful monitoring is not carry out, a company could ended up spending more than it was planned.

That is why hiring a PPC professional is important to make sure you are spending your budget on the right strategies and for evaluating your online advertising results.

Create a list of keywords: It might seem like no big deal, but in fact it is a fundamental aspect for succeeded in your PPC campaign. The right words will get you to reach the right potential customer.

Analysing your competitors AdWords campaigns will help you start.  It is advisable to begging with no more than 5 to 10 essential keywords for each campaign. This will enable you to create adverts that are the right fit for your chosen phrases.

Writing your ads:  You have a limited number of characters. A catching headline is vital together with those key words you already have chosen.

Do not limit your campaign to just one advert. A couple of ads will start producing relevant information for improving your campaign.

Evaluate results: metrics are a powerful tool.  Analisying data is an important part of your PPC campaign. It will provide you with the data and information to make the relevant adjustments. In other words, it will tell you which adverts and keywords performed better in terms of clicks, click-through-rates, and conversions.

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