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Foundry Digital are expert builders : Our work with the construction, architecture and property industries

The Foundry Digital team are happy to have completed website design and build projects for clients related to property, construction and architecture.

Our designers’ understanding of the necessary visual elements that create a website that effectively presents the work of this industry has resulted in aesthetically pleasing websites that are both attractive and functional.

We are proud to have recently launched the new GS Construction site and to be working again with B&G Construction in their international venture.

Keep an eye out for news of the Samuel Cadman Website launch which is our latest project for the property industry!


Samuel Cadman property design

Samuel Cadman property design


Recent projects:

We have enjoyed working with clients such as Alex Tart, B&G Construction, BDCM , DNS Klos, Firman Reece, GS Construction and Samuel Cadman to design and build websites that successfully capture the individual identity of each client.

Alex Tart

Alex Tart Architects sought a sleek website that emphasised their experience in and understanding of both classic and contemporary design. Their website captures these elements perfectly, showcasing the diversity of work that Alex Tart have produced.

The arrangement of visuals showcase the stunning projects the company have completed with the quality and styling of the site reflecting Alex Tart’s commitment to continuing to produce architectural work of the highest standard.

Alex Tart Portfolio

Alex Tart Portfolio



B&G Construction

We are proud to have a long standing relationship with B&G Construction as enjoy presenting a company who are committed to beautiful construction. The B&G website is currently undergoing a redesign by the Foundry Digital team, and we look forward to revealing its revamp soon!

We congratulate them on their international expansion and are happy that they appointed us to create their refreshed look and new French site.

B&G website design mock ups

B&G website design mock ups




Foundry Digital created a website for BDCM that provides that stylishly presents their high quality and experienced status.

The homepage carousel of images means users are greeted by examples of the work that bdcm complete. The website presents both their services and projects in a functioning and user friendly way to encourage visitors to navigate their way around the site to explore bdcm’s offerings.


BDCM website homepage

BDCM website homepage

DNL Klos

The DNL Klos website is a great example of how Foundry Digital use and arrange images effectively in their designs. Photography of the properties and spaces this residential building company brings to life are presented in a way that is visually attractive and is also simple to navigate. This benefits the site by attracting users to browse through the DNL Klos site, making more visitor to client conversions likely.

The clarity of the services page makes relevant information easily accessible to users with icons adding visual interest to this section.


DNL Klos mobile responsive view

DNL Klos mobile responsive view


DNL Klos website iPad view

DNL Klos website iPad view

Firman Reece

Firman Reece contracting needed a website that captured their experience and skill in providing the best fully managed building contracting with minimum fuss and outstanding results.

Foundry Digital produced a site that presents the company’s reliable and experienced personality, incorporating their brand colours into a clean-cut website that displays their work in an accessible manner.


Firman Reece website country page

Firman Reece website country page


GS Construction

The newly launched GS Construction website effectively presents the beautifully constructed spaces that have resulted in the company’s reputation of excellence and reliability. Foundry Digital have designed and built a clean and sophisticated site that displays GS Construction’s projects in an attractive format that is user friendly.

The website will boost their online visibility and aid this young company in growing from strength to strength.


GS Construction web page design

GS Construction web page design

Samuel Cadman

The Foundry Digital team are proud to have been appointed to create the Samuel Cadman website. The site will make the company’s work attractively accessible to users by showcasing developments and projects via render images, site plans and property floor plans.


Samuel Cadman website design mock ups

Samuel Cadman website design mock ups


The site’s designs are looking great, so we look forward to the build process and making it live. Keep your eyes peeled for its launch soon!


Wish for a second viewing?

With our experience creating websites for clients of the property industry, we welcome the opportunity to work with this sector again. If you like the look of our work for the construction, architectural and project managing companies we’ve worked with so far and are seeking a high quality and functioning website, then drop us a line or give us a ring.


Did you know?

Foundry Digital’s website design and Build projects are all custom built to effectively capture each client’s brand identity and and  meet their individual requirements and vision. We have a flexibility to meet specifications from a vast array of industries, and enjoy the task of adapting to industry specific needs and preferences. Thus we proudly attract a range of client.

So if you need help with presenting your company on the web or are looking to improve your company’s online visibility, then we’re the team to contact.


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Links to our most recent work for clients of the construction, architecture and property industry:

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