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Foundry Digital are expanding

Foundry digital international teamFoundry Digital are proud to be expanding our offices. Our talented web designers, digital marketing team and project managers are based at our London hub, to make us accessible to our network of clients and agencies that we partner with. We are excited to announce that we have recently opened an office in Argentina where our awesome web developers will be based in Buenos Aires, allowing us to make the most of the international creative network.

Our Talented Developers

When it comes to writing code, our developers are serious polyglots. From HTML and PHP to ASP and Java, they’re fluent in the most widely used coding languages around, which means that as an agency we are not limited in the types of projects that we take on and complete. We understand how important our clients’ brands are to them, and we strive to build projects that reflect their brand’s identity and allows them to show off their personality. This is where our developers come into their own and have a track record of coding some awesome website designs, in fact, we’re proud to be able to say that when we design and build websites we never have to use templates! 

During a trip to the new office in Buenos Aires, Andres worked closely with the development team on some of our current projects. It was a fantastic chance for him to see first hand how they work and gave him the opportunity to integrate himself into their office dynamic. He returned to our London hub with glowing reports of how impressed he was with their ethic and standard of work, as well as the speed at which they complete projects.


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Expanding the Network

Whilst Andres was visiting our office in Buenos Aires, he worked hard to strengthen our international presence and build up our network. Since being out there, he has been able to discover just how powerful having an international team really is and has realised just how much potential this opportunity can offer us. One of the best things about being a creative agency is that language doesn’t always have to be an unsurpassable barrier, and being an agency that operates in multiple countries has really proved this to our designers and developers and has allowed Foundry Digital to flourish.

We’re really looking forward to expanding our network of clients further and are excited by the prospect of working on more international projects and collaborating with international agencies. Designers in London, Developers in Buenos Aires… who knows what could be around the corner for Foundry Digital and where we’ll be conquering next!

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International Identity

Having an international team is an important part of Foundry Digital’s identity, as it represents our diversity not only at a personal and individual level but also at a professional one. Although the time difference between London and Buenos Aires could have been an issue, in reality it has enhanced our productivity as an agency.

Having our designers based at our London hub means that they can be at the centre of all things creative, making it easy for them to keep up with local market trends, popular techniques and useful skills. Our project managers are also London-based which makes them ideal for communicating between our London office and our office in Buenos Aires. Not only this, but having the designers and project managers based on this side of the pond makes us more easily accessible to clients and potential leads. Evidently, the challenge of opening a new office in Buenos Aires has successfully strengthened our capabilities.

As a digital agency, the variety of expertise that we offer spans across the needs of our clients. We are constantly collaborating our design, development,  digital marketing and project management skillsets to produce and promote top quality projects for our clients. Having our development team based in Buenos Aires means that we can complete projects quickly but without compromising quality. This allows us to consistently produce projects in tech product realisation that are of a high standard, both visually and functionally but without the high price.

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