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Foundry recommends white label lists for email marketing campaigns

Writing an email campaign is one of the key points of whether a campaign succeeds or fails. However, this is not everything. All your effort to copy the perfect email marketing could end in one click when using the wrong solution for spreading your campaign.


Basically, an email marketing campaign could sound like a spam when you send it from a company’s email address. Your email marketing could end on the trash mail when the receiver fails to recognize the sender.

Foundry recommends clients using a white label list to ensure the receipt of an email marketing copy.

A white list is considered spam free. The information collected on it will have details of senders they have expressed their wish to receive e-mail from your company.

Additionally, white label list enable you to customize your email marketing campaign with your brand.

To see an example of one Foundry’s whitelisted email campaign that had excellent conversion rates, click on:

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