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GLP the trendiest free city guide going


Innovative, fun and extremely effective we have seen huge success from the Great Little Place GLP app, and we want to shout out to the digital sphere how much we love it!


The app has now been live for over a year and has even been featured as Apple’s No1 best new app of the week. GLP’s vision to create a dynamic and usable app where sharing special places that people genuinely adore all around the world has been produced with great triumph. People can interact and actively post their favorite charming and wonderful places for drinks, food, coffee, entertainment, culture, and activities. GLP are committed to offering the perfect solution for anyone wanting to try out new places, and up for a new adventure with every use of the app. GLP quaintly describes the process as sharing pearls of wisdom of all of your treasured places. We assure you, this app is ingenious.


With a clear and simple layout the app works well functionally allowing for people to navigate quickly. This makes the process of finding somewhere quirky and new to visit, simply easy! Vibrant, beautiful images of every GLP posted on the app makes it an exciting app to view visually. Options to create a black book of favorite places either in big cities, towns or villages with ability to share black lists to friends allows for improved and stimulating interactivity. Detailed location information ensures that you never get lost on your way (which always helps!) Most importantly the app is being modified to become compatible to iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry meaning all mobile models have the ability to use this wonderful evergrowing app.


…We believe that everybody should add their favorite places to the GLP App and get involved in the coolest new city guide.

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