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Happy New Year from Foundry Digital


As celebration is a compulsory element of New Year festivities, where better to start this first post of 2016 than with celebrating a new client?

Here at Foundry Digital, we are excited to have gained Alfen Technology’s custom. Alfen is a start-up recruitment company providing a tailored recruitment solution across the technology sector. Keep your eyes peeled for Foundry’s first website in which incorporation of a furry friend is key. They can rest assured that their logo and website will be yet another example of our high quality web design service, and we look forward to working with them more throughout the year.

We’ve also decided to jump on the New Year bandwagon of reflection with a whistle stop tour of the projects that have been developed in the closing month of 2015:

Foundry Digital have recently had the pleasure of working with Julie Meyer and Ariadne Capital. Andres has enjoyed the challenge of producing high quality Corporate Investor Presentations and Marketing Collateral, exemplifying yet another service that Foundry Digital offers. We look forward to our work benefitting Ariadne Capital’s growth.

Highlighting the ways that the New English Ballet Theatre’s admirers can support the company financially is central to ensuring that the New English Ballet Theatre can meet its goal of providing talented dancers with professional opportunity. Therefore Foundry’s recent creation of a new support page on the NEBT website is a project that will raise their profile and benefit their gaining of Friends and Donors.

We are very pleased to have been appointed to design Raphaels Bank’s new website. Hector and Ive have been working hard to understand and meet the client’s vision, an ability we pride ourselves on here at Foundry Digital. Their new advert is looking great, and due for launch soon. What better way to start the New Year than with a fresh look?

After having a fruitful 2015, Jenks and Co. have assigned Foundry Digital to work on their website and branding. The updated site is underway by Paola, and we are pleased to have been chosen to work with this refreshing company. Their updated site will display how Foundry utilizes how images and words can compliment one another to entice an audience, and therefore assist the company in unleashing their potential.

The website of Stay Events has also been getting some special attention from Jonathon who has been leading the development of a new back office and user interface system. This will further improve the company’s service of matching events and attractions to visitors of local accomodation. The website reflects Foundry Digital’s commitment to appearance and function, with the high quality of images and layout producing a site that is easily accessible.

With Andres’s passionate direction, 2015 was a great year for us at Foundry Digital, and we strive for this New Year to be even better. We’ve started as we mean to go on by welcoming Jodie to the Foundry team as our Accounts Executive.

2016 is a year of opportunity, and Foundry Digital will continue striving to help our clients unlock their business’ possibilities.

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