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¡Hola David! – Introducing Foundry’s New Designer

Last week we welcomed David our new Designer, to the Foundry Digital Team from a visual merchandising role with H&M – an excellent career move in our opinion!

David has a passion for all things design and has created some awesome projects during his Masters in Barcelona and whilst living in Berlin. Some of his work includes a proposal for Lego, based around finding the brightly coloured bricks amongst elements of the city’s architectural design. Check out the video below to get a taste for David’s creative genius!

Why did you choose Design as your career?
I don’t know, I think it’s just because I like nice things! I’ve always been interested in all kinds of design: furniture, architecture, everything. Just cool stuff, you know?

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I’m a big fan of video games, I like platform ones that are really retro like Super Mario Bros. so I put bits of that in my work. I really like the language of gaming because it’s a playful way to communicate and it’s universal – everyone can have fun with it. Before, gaming was for geeks but now everyone games, it doesn’t matter how old someone is they’ll have some knowledge of gaming. I didn’t really realise that I was doing it, and then I realised that the style of my work was consistent with the aspects of gaming that I like – pixels and colours, that kind of thing.

What’s with the beard?
Do you want the audience friendly answer or the inappropriate one?

(Audience friendly please David, we want to keep it PG here…)

Well I’ve gone between having shorter beards, longer beards, stubble, but lets just say that this is the one that suits me best. I believe in the right of men to choose their beards!

You say that you’re particularly interested in architecture, which style would you say was your favourite?
I reckon Georgian architecture would be up there. I like bricks. But not the bright red, shiny ones you know – I like the ones that are covered in moss and look really worn from city pollution. It’s a bit of a weird one but I also love the rear of Victorian houses, when you get a staircase going somewhere and a window randomly somewhere else. It looks really cool the way the structures overlap each other and it’s a bit random.

At Foundry, we love it when someone has a passion for something, and the quirkier the better. We’re always excited to welcome new artistic flair to the Foundry Team, and we can’t wait to see what creative masterpieces David is going to be producing for our clients!

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