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How much should a website cost to build?


Websites have become the first point of contact with customers for many businesses. In other words, it is the face of your company and has to instil trust in visitors to catch their attention from the first moment they land in your website. But how much does a striking website cost?

Foundry has chosen key points to help you to work out the budget for your website. Everything is possible in the digital world, but you have to decide together with your web designer and developer what the right approach and branding for your business will be.

A website is not a product that you purchase once and you forget about it, but it is not either something you have to change constantly. The market and your clients will guide you to find the right balance.

A new site or redesign an existing website?

In any of these scenarios you must have a clear idea of what you want from your website and why.  Searching other websites including those from your competitors will guide you to find the right flavour and colour for your web pages.

If you are redesigning, take note of what you are going to change and why. Instead of making changing for the sake of it, you should concentrate on what will work for your business and users.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, discuss them with your website designer or developer. This process will help set expectations on all sides reducing time, frustrations and money.

A template website

Many graphic designers use templates when companies just require a quick basic format in which visitors can learn about the company, products and services.  This option will provide your company a basic exposure on the web.

There are many template sites, selling you page layouts from £69, but you will need to do all the work and customise all features and pages. This can be an interesting exercise and a learning curve. However consider this: should you be focusing on learning web design or perhaps that time can be spend wisely on developing your business operation? However, if your budget is tight and you have time to experiment, this is a cheap option to build your website.

The downside of template pages is that your site is likely to look like another one, and some designs are not a perfect fit for every company, so you will end up with a half build project many weeks later…, but of course, we are going to say that, not because at Foundry Digital we are website designers, but experience has present us with many clients wishing they will have come to us first.

A customised website

A tailor made website could cost you more but it enable you to incorporate into your website your brand and specific requirements better. In other words, it could set your company apart from competitors by reflecting a more unique image of your business.

A customised website usually takes more time to be built as more expertise knowledge such as CSS and XHTML coding is required, but it will be more secure as hackers will find more difficult to break the code.

You could be wrong for thinking that a tailor-made website will not fit your budget. It always worth getting a quote from your designer whom should be able to show you several options to choose from.

Price wise, you should be looking to a start up cost of £750 for a bespoke, but basic website with around 5 pages and dynamic functionalities like “Call me back” forms.

A small to medium website, including imagery and branding and content support can take you up to a modest £1,500 to £3,500. Larger sites for big companies can typically budget for over £4,500.

Do you need content management functionality (CMS)?

Nowadays with a content management system is fairly easy to build a website and your developer should be able to integrate it into your website.

CMS such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have pre-set themes to chose from, are user-friendly for updating, and also contain SEO functions to optimize your website.

Once your website is built, you could be trained to update it or add new information. CMS provide you the freedom to make as many changes as you wish at any time. In other words, you will not need to call your graphic designer when you want to make changes.

At Foundry, we work with PHP-based open-source CMS solutions. We provide training to our customers, so you will know how to create as many pages as you want, and manipulate pictures and media, as required.

CMS platforms such as WordPress or Joomla CMS are user-friendly, but you still have to work on it to look professional and inspire trust.  You should also take into consideration that could be more susceptible to hacker attacks.

Copywriting, multimedia and images

A striking design goes hand in hand with quality content, so our advice is not to underestimate copywriting costs because quality matters more than ever. When you are planning your costs, you should consider who is going to write the texts for your website. You will save money if you write them yourself, but you must be sure you do well.

Remember that an eye-catching design will drive users to your website but it is a quality content that will engage them. Don’t even think copying and pasting from other websites as you could end up with copyrights issues or penalised by search engines.

Images are a necessary cost to add to your budget as they tell more than words.  Many visitors prefer to see more graphics, animations and photos to long text. It would be even better if you integrate videos onto your website as they are a traffic boost for your site, and provide diversity of content.

Domain names and hosting

Domains are the address that needs to be typed into the address bar to gain access to the site. They cannot be changed, as they are unique. They are your company ID on the web.

Prices can be anything between £11 per year for a .com domain and as low as £2.99 for a

You also have to add hosting fees to your budget as every website needs to be hosted on a web server. Prices vary according to providers but cannot be more than £50 per year for a good all rounder package that includes databases and email support.


Optimising your website is a must in order to reach more visitors. An SEO strategy could help to get the result you wish.  Your developer will be able to integrate SEO tools and keywords to increase your website rank on search engines. You could also add PPC campaigns and email marketing to your budget to develop a well structured website promotion by all the digital channels.

Foundry provides customers advise and run SEO and PPC campaigns for clients’ websites to get best possible rank on their business niche market.

Ecommerce platforms

When a business is going to trade online, it is necessary to add an ecommerce solution. The market offers a wide variety of ecommerce platforms and prices vary according to size of the business. To learn more read our post about ecommerce platforms support and cost. Click on our previous post ( link previous post)

How Foundry can help you?

At Foundry, our web designers and developers will help you create innovative and effective solutions to boost your business online.

We have created numerous websites and microsites for targeted campaigns on specific products and services, aiming to raise brand awareness, generate leads and increase sales.

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