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How to create a successful email marketing campaign


Email marketing is still being one the key channels to reach potential clients and engage with current customers. As latest reports underline, email marketing continues to deliver excellent return on investment when companies use it effectively.

Changes in technology have dramatically changed consumer habits and as consequence, email marketing campaigns have to be effective and productive more than ever to attract consumers and keep companies within the competition to get a slide of the market.

Foundry’s key points to create an email marketing campaign

Set your goals

Companies that run email marketing campaigns without clarity of what they want to accomplish are more likely to jeopardize any strategy.  Do not run a campaign if objectives are vague, unachievable and your strategy lack of planning.  Goals have to be SMART in order to enable you to measure and evaluate your campaign results.

Get to know better your audience

Forget sending randomly emails to everyone. It is a risky strategy that probably is going to reach people who might not be the right audience for your products or services.

What it could be worse is that your emails could be considered as a spam for those people who are not interested in receiving emails from unknown senders, nor emails that contain any promotional information.

If this is the case, you are wasting your time and resources.  Your campaign will generate only poor results, and your company’s reputation and trust will be undermined.

Build a permission-based list

Permission-based email marketing or an opt-in email is when a company sends messages to people who have asked to receive them or have given permission for it.

How to get permission? This is the tricky point to resolve. We advise Foundry’s clients to offer something that is interesting to their audience, and relates to company’s brand or products. In other words, you must provide a reason that motivates readers to join your list.

Companies usually offer gifts such as downloadable reports, subscription to newsletters, free seminars, eBook, a freebie, and a discount voucher or code. It has to be a valuable and appealing gift to your target audience.

If the gift doesn’t fulfill in the first place your audience expectations, it could be a no return for your campaign or brand. Without a real motivation, no one will bother to join your list, and more likely, any future email would be rejected or deleted.

Keep relevant information for your opt-in email list

Keep it simple and relevant. People time is precious and they don’t want to answer long questions or information that is considered too personal.

Make sure that in your email campaigns you also provide a way for people to unsubscribe. Also, you must add a clear privacy policy to guarantee that their contact information would be handled in compliance with data protection legislation. This will show your subscribers flexibility and transparency.

Create the right Email marketing content

 Is your subject line attractive enough?

How many emails people receive everyday? Too many sometimes, and that is why if your subject line doesn’t catch receivers attention, your email newsletter will end up in the trash folder.

Avoid using generic text and misleading information. Choose interesting, persuasive and emotive words and phrases that people who receive feel the need to open your email.

Is your content the right length, format and beautiful designed?

First of all, you should personalise every single email. Then, make sure you use friendly and simple language that people feel relate to your email and content.

Do not over promote your company. Instead, spend more time in writing something that not only catches reader attention, responds to what the subject line says, but also intrigues them in learning more about your product, service or brand. You must include any offer you have promised.

“Less is more” is so appropriate to apply when it comes to email marketing.  Readers want concise and clear messages.

Many people don’t like to scroll down too much, unless there is something interesting for their eyes or curiosity.

You should include hyperlinks in the text that take readers to your corporate website, a promotional landing page, or to a call to action form.  Hyperlinks are ideal when it comes to provide extra information and help you to keep to minimum your wording in your email newsletter.

Add a striking design

Foundry recommends clients to use an eye-catching design instead of plain one when it comes to add the finishing touches to your email marketing newsletter.

The design must include your corporate image to build your brand and, at the same time, enable readers to get familiar with your products and services.

 Extra tips:

  • Test your email marketing newsletter that it is readable in any devise, including smartphones.
  • Avoid overloading your audience email inbox
  • Keep your email list clean and updated
  • Make all the necessary arrangements to act proactively after a request for more information is received or to unsubscribe any one from your list.
  • Add in every single newsletter a hyperlink to your business unsubscribe form and terms and condition policy.

Foundry has run very successful email marketing campaigns for companies in different niche markets from large corporate to medium to small businesses. We devise email-marketing campaigns to generate leads, boost sales and raise brand awareness.

We believe in evaluating and measuring any email marketing campaign results to understand better what works and what don’t.  This enables us to improve and optimise resources in every campaign we run, helping clients to effectively reach   potential and current customers and increase revenue for their businesses. 







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