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How to improve the customer buying experience on your online shop


Increasing customer experience on an online shop it is not just about how satisfied customers are, but also what factors matter for them.

At Foundry, our experience has shown us that neither of the aspects should be underestimated. On the contrary, you should care about every detail to avoid ruining your customers experience on your ecommerce site.

On this article, we have summarized a list of the most important steps your business must take on board to satisfy your customers, increase users loyalty and add value to the purchase process.

1. Research and get to know in detail what your customers needs are

Your online shop must be devised from a customer point of view. If you want to sell your products online, you must know very well your target audience.

Thinking like your customer is the first challenge. Check your competitors’ ecommerce site out, and learn from what they are doing well and improve those aspects.

If your business has already an ecommerce store, you should measure customer satisfaction. Ask yourself: does my ecommerce shop meet my customers’ expectation and needs? If you realise that your current ecommerce is not what it should be, do not hesitate and make the right changes.

2. Your online shop must be supported by a quality website that instill trust on customers

Get the basics right to make a good first impression when visitors and customers land on your website.

A professional looking website will inspire customer trust and they will be happy purchasing products on your website.


3. Your customers’ needs influence how your ecommerce must be, but it doesn’t mean you should offer everything to everyone

Customers want to be well informed before making any decision. Offering in-depth product information is vital. The content on your products’ pages should be relevant, and in detail with images and videos to give a virtual feel for the product.

Prices must be clear and well display, and adding easily accessible reviews and ratings would be a must as they have great influence in customers when it comes to make a purchase decision.

Whatever the nature of your products, they should be relevant and valuable to the user. Do not ruin your customer ecommerce experience by offering products you don’t have, as an attempt to lead them to those you offer just for the sake of selling more.

In fact, remember that in marketing being in a niche market and specialised could bring your better results.

4. A visible and accessible shopping cart

Displaying your shopping cart in a simple and persistent way will facilitate your customers purchasing process together with a visible summary of items in the cart.

Many shoppers sometimes are not ready to purchase, but wish to save the cart for later or get an idea of the total cost with delivery. Therefore, you should consider those situations and offer the options of seeing their items in the cart when they return when they leave your website as well as giving them the possibility to going back without adding something else to their order.

5. Make payment easy and secure

paymentsThe check-out process is one of the most importance steps for online shoppers. Every time that a shopper abandons your shopping cart, you are missing a sale opportunity.

Accepting all payment types that match your audience, a friendly and straightforward payment process, and visible contact information that instills confidence will minimise the risk of shoppers leaving your shopping cart without making a purchase.

Reassuring your customers your site offers secure areas for making a payment is an aspect your should reiterate along with a clear privacy and return policies. A sense of security will increase not only your sales but also loyalty.

A progress indicator is great tool that should be included, as it will guide customers through the steps to complete their purchase.

6. Shipping cost and delivery


An estimated or guaranteed delivery date is important at check-out, because shoppers have a range of time they are willing to wait for the delivery of their orders. It is being demonstrated that ecommerce stores that provide a range of delivery time options are more appealing to a wider range of customers.

In other words giving a estimated delivery time and date is a “quick win”, as well as a variety of delivery options and prices from a standard delivery to faster one.

Online customer satisfaction relies greatly on efficient delivery and an easy and accessible returns policy.

All efforts for enhancing customers experience will be in vain if you don’t meet shopper expectations on products’ quality, delivery and lack of clear returns policy.

7 Answering and solving customers’ problems and enquiries

As basic as this sounds, many ecommerce shops don’t make easy for customers to reach them when they need help. There is not a system that is completely perfect and customers also make mistakes.

Make sure shoppers can get prompt and easy access to your customer service department that must be trained to solve any inconvenience when it occurs.

8. Registration should be optional

No every customer wishes to complete a registration form, and pressing them to do that, it could force them to leave your online store. Even more, you could end up not only losing a sale but also a client.

Make a registration process simple and optional. Remember that a long registration form could put customers off.

9. Promote your ecommerce store

An ecommerce store is an investment that can be costly and to make it cost effective, you must create and run a mix of marketing strategies to promote your online store and reach greater number of shoppers.

Your marketing mix should include email marketing campaigns, SEO, online advertising campaigns as well as social media promotion including social networks related to your products or services.

All those strategies will pay off by increasing visibility but you should support those activities by putting in place offline activities that raise your brand awareness and promote your products.

How Foundry can help you start or improve online shop?

Foundry can help you from integrating a ecommerce shop to your current website or to improve it by analysing your ecommerce store strength and weakness and drawing up and implementing the necessary adjustments to maximise your visitor’s experience.

We find the right ecommerce solution for any kind of business including small to large retailers and also device, design, develop and promote your online store according to your needs and budget.

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