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Introducing Izzie, the newest member of the Digital Marketing team

Izzie is the latest addition to the Digital Marketing team at Foundry Digital. It’s not been long but she’s learning a lot already and we can tell that she’s going to be a valuable asset. Photography is a big hobby of Izzie’s so she definitely has a creative streak which we’re looking forward to discovering more of!

What made you decide to pursue a career in Digital Marketing?
You know the saying “the world is your oyster”, I think that’s such a great confidence booster until I consider just how big an oyster the world really is – suddenly it makes me feel a little overwhelmed with choices. How are you meant to know where to start?!

I think I landed on Digital Marketing because it combines two of my favourite things: creativity and interacting with people. It also means I can unleash my inner neat-freak and go nuts organising my day and to-do list without seeming like a complete weirdo…

You studied psychology; did this influence your decision?
On a subconscious level I’m sure it did… ugh – that sort of answer is everything I hated about my degree!

Personally, I wouldn’t have linked studying psychology to getting into a career in Digital Marketing. Yes it makes sense in terms of figuring out marketing strategies and why they work or don’t work, but for me it’s more about the creative side. I love making things and using my imagination (which made choosing a science degree make a whole lot of sense…), and I do a bit of photography in my spare time so I guess that’s what drove me to go for a career that could incorporate my creative side.

What attracted you to Foundry Digital?
I don’t like that feeling of being a small fish in a big pond, where you contribute loads but don’t necessarily see anything in return. I prefer being able to see the outcome of my hard work, even if that means taking responsibility for a mistake, and that’s easier to do in a smaller company. At least that way you can go directly to someone for advice on how to improve next time and aren’t left to your own devices to figure it out. I liked Foundry because of the ethos –  it’s a small team but everyone is really hardworking, they really strive to achieve and improve all the time, and as someone who is just starting out that’s really encouraging.

What do you do outside of work that makes you, you?
I enjoy being busy; I play for a netball team and am currently rehearsing with a choir for carol services over Christmas. I’m sure that seems really boring to lots of people, but it’s actually a lot of fun and I adore music so I don’t mind the rehearsals – especially when it sounds good.

I also have three much younger siblings who I love hanging out with. They have loads of energy so it’s fun being silly and joking around with them, it’s a nice break from being a serious adult (which I’m not really but I use them as an excuse to act like a kid again!).

I love travelling too and spent the first half of this year in South and Central America with friends. I did a lot of photography during the trip so I have a tonne of photos that I’m currently trying to edit and want to make a book out of eventually. That takes ages to do though so it’s tricky to find time, but I promise not to use the office Photoshop to do it!

It’s great to welcome new members to the team, especially when they’re excited to learn about everything that Foundry Digital has to offer. We’re really looking forward to having Izzie around and seeing how she’ll develop in her role!

If you want to check out some more of Izzie’s work, head to her Instagram and have a browse.

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