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Jodie Burdett joins the Foundry Family



So who is this mysterious new Foundry team member that goes by the title of Account  Executive?! Well, having reached my third Monday at the Foundry office, I reckon it is about time I introduced myself:

I’m Jodie. If you didn’t already know this you really need to  Follow us on Twitter @Foundry_studio , Like our Foundry Digital Facebook page, or or even look us up on LinkedIn. Yes, the possibilities of how to keep up to date with our antics are endless thanks to me joining the team, so there are no excuses accepted. I will also be creating news posts such as this one for our website, so favorite this page, and my weekly posts will keep you entertained.

I come to Foundry as a 23 year old, cake loving, musicals obsessed, gym going, University of Nottingham graduate and LSU Tiger. Pretty sure the previously all male Fulham office are going to take a while to get used to having me around but, as long as I promise not to cover the office in flowers or pink fluffiness, I think they’ll realise soon enough that a girly influence isn’t all that bad. In fact, having been with Andres, Hector, and Ive for just a week, I can see that the new team dynamic will be beneficial to the office’s atmosphere, and has the potential to positively impact the business as a whole.

So how has my first week been? I hear you ask.

Firstly, it is going to take me time to get used to sitting down for the day; it is like telling Tigger to quit bouncing! I regularly get up to make tea to remind myself that my legs do function.

Secondly, having not been in charge of overseeing  projects in a professional capacity before, I was apprehensive about organizing the accounts for the team. But, as Andres must have cleverly foreseen, I have quickly picked up dealing with invoices, and managing our clients details. Having up to date accounts awakens my inner nerd, meaning it pleases me to introduce a new level of organization to the office that will be sustained and developed in the future. Overseeing management of our projects is central to my job, so I am becoming familiar with each of our clients needs and visions. I am another pair of eyes in the design process, offering my perspective and making sure our that our creations meet the specification we have produced with each client.

It is central to my role that I spend time on social media and creating content for our pages. It has taken my first week to get used to being allowed, and encouraged to over indulge on social media at work. Being familiar with Internet usage while on shift being greatly frowned upon, I am enjoying using it in a productive way throughout the day. I find it satisfying to see our company being presented well across social media platforms, and hope our followers appreciate my approach to posting about Foundry’s latest news.

Meeting prospective new clients was a highlight of my week. I loved the energy and enthusiasm they had for their product, and so it was exciting to think that we would be contributing to them succeeding in their vision and dream. This reinforced to me the gift Foundry digital have of translating someone’s idea into a reality. I look forward to be being part of more moments like this, and will strive to develop the level to which I can contribute to this rewarding process.

The best thing a new employee can hope for is a supportive team, and in this sense I have definitely won the lottery. The talented trio of director, designer, and coder manage to balance being greatly talented in their fields, with being a welcoming bunch and answering my newbie questions.  I’m very grateful for this as it is aiding my learning and understanding of my duties and making me feel I am an asset to their team. I hope that the next few weeks will be a period of settling in so that I familiarize myself with the role, accounts and clients further.

I look forward to growing with Foundry by learning and developing as a worker alongside the company’s success.

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