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Jodie L. Burdett: A Strategic View

How Foundry Digital’s Project Manager helps clients to cross the fine line between Commercial Marketing and Creative Communications




Right now is an exciting time for Foundry. Six months ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Jodie into our team, whose primary task, amongst other elements, included the supervision and managing of projects. However, since then, her role has spiralled. She has become a strong back bone for the studio and the key contact for clients to make the most of the integration of any type of technology or development. Jodie ensures the projects are commercially successful, have a strong marketing angle and communicate creatively to the audiences.

Jodie helps manage the agency’s continuing growth and oversees a number of Foundry’s key accounts. This is where her strong organisational skills come into play, as scheduling ours and other clients’s digital output can be quite a task which she seems to pull off. Jodie enjoys creating an online voice and personality for each marketing account and we like the reputation she is establishing.


Arts and Travel
If there are 2 things that can quickly define Jodie it is her passion for performing arts and love of travelling. Out of work Jodie loves to go to the theatre and is passionate about the theatre world. She never tires of seeing shows whether it be a play, a musical, classical ballet or a contemporary dance piece. She is always buzzing when she’s been on a theatre outing, sometimes entertaining us with the low-down of the highs and lows of what she has seen.




However, her analytical vision and understanding of the world has been gained through her travel including numerous European destinations,  enigmatic locations in Asia, and even spending a year in North America where she completed her cultural studies before returning to the UK.


Final word
Jodie’s approach to delivering a successful project is extremely simple: cut the fluff, work hard focusing your efforts on the end user and deliver on time. Undoubtedly, this has been key to Foundry offering added value in our digital projects for clients, as a balance of technical expertise and brand communications requires Jodie’s swift touch.



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