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Launch an AdWords account that is easy to manage


Whether you are an online marketer or an advertising manager thinking about launching an AdWords campaign, this article will give you some tips to avoid some easy mistakes when implementing and managing your account.

And whilst perhaps, you won’t have the time to learn about all of the tools & features available that can help to cut a task that may have previously taken you hours, into a ten minute job, we have put together a list of things to make the task of managing your campaigns, ads, keywords and budget as easy and productive as possible.

Our first recommendation is to use a spreadsheet to plan your campaign structure. Whilst you might think that using Google’s interface page the way forward, this can be time consuming. Your best practice is to create an Excel file and create a list of all campaigns and AdGroups including all keywords and adverts you need within your account.

Additionally, learn how to use the “Concatenate” function, which allows you to combine the contents of a specified cell with set text, other specified cells or both. This is ideal for location specific keyword creation and location targeted ad text.

To complement Excel, we also recommend you use Google AdWords editor – click here to download free. This software allows you to manage and to make changes offline and once you have your campaign ready for deployment, upload directly to your live AdWords account.

The AdWords editor lets you navigate around your account without having to wait for the loading times experienced in the AdWords interface. In addition, changes can be made in bulk with Editor’s “Select all” function. Plus, you can import data from Excel easily.

Finally, get familiar with one of Google’s newest features: ‘Automated Rules’, which allow for certain account changes to be made automatically once a user-specified action has taken place.

This is ideal, for example, to pause any advert within a campaign if they generate a CTR of less than a certain percentage, or increase bids by a higher percentage for a keyword that falls position in the rank results.

We hope the tips above can help you improve your productivity when working on your AdWords campaign.

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