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Login and Pay with Amazon


The new service offer by the giant Amazon, Login and Pay with Amazon, promises to work like a pay wallet allowing customers to buy anything the want and paying by just logging in. In other words, it is a more straightforward process that does not need to use a third party for making payments.

Amazon’s new service is going to compete with services such as PayPal or any credit or debit cards. Basically, the system will store your details one time and then, where enabled, will allow shoppers to checkout at third-party retail websites by using the payment information they have stored on Amazon.

The advantage is that the process will be more secure because your payment details are only store in Amazon database and you don’t have to enter your payments details every time when it comes to checkout.

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The new service will be available on desktops, smartphones and tables. Amazon offers companies to have access to the impressive 215 million active customer accounts and, in return, the company can obtain more information about customer shopping habits.

Login and Pay with Amazon could be a disadvantage for companies that compete with Amazon products and, therefore, those businesses could not be interested in promoting or selling their service or products.

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