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London Road Jewellery launch new ecommerce shop


Contemporary, stylish and sophisticated are a minor assortment of the words that can describe the one and only London Road Jewellery; and guess who has got the chance to work with them! Foundry Digital, of course!


London Road Jewellery produce fashionable in-trend Jewellery collections with a range of over 600 items including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and other timeless classics! With the manufacturing of every unique piece being created in- house, London Road Jewellery truly embrace a brand, which will relentlessly assure their loyal customers with the promise of a local high quality, top end product. The different collections named after surrounding areas in London provide a fun and unique reminder of the products source.


To ensure that all of the London Road Jewellery collection is appreciated as well as it should be, Foundry Digital have been working alongside them to deliver a stylish new digital presence. By creating a new website, updated logo and ensuring all product images are of a high sleek resolution, Foundry Digital have produced an eye-catching site that allows the products speak to the customers itself. The chic simplicity that Foundry have delivered to the London Road website highlights the brands high esteemed image, reinforcing the brands key values.


Alongside producing a visually impressive website which showcases the gold and silver collections to their full advantage, it was also important for us at Foundry as Ecommerce specialists to deliver a site which allows for easy user navigation and full functionality over all web devices. We have also worked on vital features such as the secure payment system allowing customers to pay in various methods including PayPal. We’re excited to express that London Road Jewellery’s website is now in line with the quality of its products. Pure perfection.


The website now offers:

  • Multiple gallery images displaying each individual product placed into ‘checkout cart’
  • Over 500 unique pieces displayed in high resolution images for full visual optimization
  • Highly secure option to use debit and credit card payments alongside new PayPal integration
  • Multi currency options including GBP, euro and dollar
  • Wish list button allow customers to share unique products that they would like for special occasions
  • Social media share buttons allow for a single product or full collection to be shared instantly at the ease of one click
  • Product rating button, for users to interact with others customers giving valid feedback





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