Making your ecommerce website stand out: Design

Making your ecommerce website stand out is essential. You’ve got the product, now it’s all about how you display it and entice your audience! The internet is full of wonderfully designed websites, so how do you make your ecommerce website stand out?

For us, the answer is simple. It is a matter of all of the things that combine to make a fully functioning and captivating website, with an easy to grasp user interface (UI) and a simple user journey (UX).


#1 Layout

The layout is one of the first things to take a look at, this will define the structure of your ecommerce website for placing information. As you can imagine, information placement is key, what key messages would do you want to draw attention to first? Typically, using a grid system to organise the space, alignment and proportion will effectively organise your webpages. If the brand calls for a more dynamic layout the grid system can be broken.


#2 High-quality media

It’s all about visual impact. Visuals should work together in order to give your user the best visual experience possible on your ecommerce website. As important as it is having your design on point, it is vital that you should enhance your website with high quality, and preferably unique, media (this includes images, videos, files etc.) To captivate the essence of the brand it is better to use original content.


#3 Motion Graphics

Using animations and micro-interactions is a great way to make your ecommerce website more dynamic and memorable. Adding simple effects such as hovers and zooms can bring your website to a new level that engages the user. Although these should be used lightly, as you don’t want to overload the user with animations. You may even go a step further and showcase your brand through rich animations.


#4 Typography

Typography is often overlooked as a way to express and communicate a brand. Although content builds you brands with words, typography will ensure that the words attached are branded. There are various attributes to consider such as font size, weight, type, positioning, spacing etc. This should all work together to convey your tone and message.


#5 Colour

Falling under the branding of your ecommerce website, colour is a great way to stand out and develop your brand. A well thought out colour palette will enrich user experience, as this will visually guide them, for example having particular colours for ‘call to action’ areas.


Need Foundry Digital help?

Making your ecommerce website stand out is all about the contributing aspects of design and making sure they all work together. This will ensure that every corner of your website engages the user, whether it’s giving them information, communicating your brand or simply leading them to the product. Need help getting there? Our professional UX/UI designers will take your brief, let’s get the process started with a free discovery meeting! Discover your future website.