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MasterCard Makeover: Global Finance brand MasterCard has a new logo

For the first time in two decades, the MasterCard brand has undergone a branding revamp.




From its launch in 1968, Mastercard’s logo of red and yellow overlapping circles has become one of the most recognisable visual identities worldwide. It has successfully become emblematic of finance, bank transfers and credit cards.

With such a widely recognised logo that has long been imprinted on cards, ATM machines and billboards,  a relaunch needed to achieve a branding refresh whilst maintaining a visual identity that would continue to be indicative of MasterCard.

This challenge was tackled by Pentagram partners Michael Bierut and Luke Hayman with input from designers Hamish Smyth and Andrea Trabucco-Campos.




We’re glad to see the two infamous overlapping circles remain, as we’re always a fan of clear and impactful graphics.

The updates and revamp have achieved a design that is fitting for a contemporary audience.




Read more about Mastercard’s makeover here:



Creative Review



“Through decades of exposure, the interlocking circles have become so recognisable that they can be reduced to their essence and still communicate Mastercard, at scales large and small, analog and digital, and ultimately, even without words”  Michael Bierut

Foundry Digital know it to be no coincidence that today’s biggest and most successful brands have gone through a sequence of logo edits during their existence.  A successful logo is crafted to capture what a brand or service stands for, so should evolve as as a business does.

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