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"Money makes the world go 'round" : Foundry Digital's website design and builds for the Finance Sector

Foundry Digital have much experience designing and building websites for the finance sector.

We custom design each client’s website so that its features are tailored to their specific wants and needs. This is particularly important within the finance industry where clarity and individual identity captures user attention.

We tailor site aesthetics and functionality to target a company’s desired audience, and incorporate a client’s branding into a website’s design so that it is imprinted with and communicates a company’s identity.




All of our sites for the finance industry present a professionalism and reliability that is crucial to engaging visitors who seek a trustworthy service and to converting site users into customers.

Many of our website builds for companies of the finance sector have required the creation and installation of functions that are both easy to use and very secure. Here at Foundry Digital we are skilled at implementing widgets that are accessible to the typical user whilst completing complex processes behind the scenes.


What’s new?


We are delighted to have been appointed to design and build a new website for Ariadne Capital to aid them in their pursuit of Ecosystem Economics becoming the dominant business paradigm in Europe.

The website will provide them with a strong online presence, thus enhancing this investment firm’s work in providing smaller companies with the opportunity to work with, mingle with, and compete with industry giants.




The design of Ariadne’s new website succeeds in presenting their perspective on business, communicating their ecosystem methodology and David and Goliath concept in an attractive and functional way.

Smart aesthetics and impressive functionality seek to aid Ariadne Capital in achieving their desire of building and improving relationships between the Davids and Goliaths of the business world to advance both parties.

We look forward to launching the complete site soon, so watch this space for more news!


Our other Finance projects:

Easy Fx – VFX Group

EasyFX make currency exchange easy by helping manage all your foreign exchange requirements. This saves you both time and money, and their pre paid multi currency card gives you better rates than from high street FX companies. They sought a website that communicated and promoted their service successfully .




Foundry Digital designed the front end of the Easy FX website. Their appreciation of our agency’s quality and efficiency of work has resulted in a successful on-going working relationship. We create, tackle and implement a strategic level of promotion for them to aid their company growth and development.



Foundry Digital are proud to have a strong on-going working relationship with ICE who have a high reputation in the foreign currency industry.

Functionality was pivotal to the design of ICE’s website due to the nature of the company’s business in foreign currency. Foundry developed widgets that enable visitors to complete processes simply , achieving a user-friendly site and smooth user experience.

Foundry Digital provide ICE with support by completing maintenance for their website such as refreshing advert banners and rearranging content when it becomes out dated.



Raphaels Bank

Foundry Digital ran an overhaul of Raphaels Bank’s old design of website to give them a refreshed look that is on trend and reflects the bank heritage.

Foundry’s web design used the bank’s key colours as a foundation for a sleek structured set of web pages. The functionality was essential due to the importance of the company building trust between themselves and the user to encourage custom.

The Foundry Team also offer internal communications and support for Raphaels Bank, advising on branding and the way to present themselves amongst other banks.




Cornhill Fx

Foundry Digital were appointed to design and build Cornhill FX a website. It needed to capture the bank’s professional and reliable identity through smart and attractive aesthetics and smooth functionality.

Foundry designed and built a navigation system with focus on accessibility and usability. This has resulted in the site being easy to navigate, simultaneously providing simplicity whilst presenting the information users are seeking.

The homepage cityscape further projects the professional manner that Cornhill FX conduct themselves in, and the simple yet effective colour scheme enhance the company’s smart persona.


It all adds up!

Do you like the look of our work for the finance sector? Do you have a project that is finance related?

Having demonstrated our skill at designing and building websites for the finance sector time and time again, Foundry Digital welcome the opportunity to work for this industry again, so get in touch to see how we can assist in bringing your project to life.


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Links to our most recent work for clients of the Finance industry:

Easy FX 


Raphaels Bank

Cornhill FX


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