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PayPal adds new mobile wallet features to app

The new PayPal app is a full-on mobile wallet that incorporates deals and discounts that are automatically applied when you pay. The wallet feature allows people pay with a PayPal account, a credit or debit card, bank account or a line of Bill Me Later credit that can be applied for within the app.Paypal-mobile-wallet

There are five sections to the app: shop, wallet, transfer, activity and settings. The shop sections is the one that offers a unique retail experience. The Shop screen enables users to find a list of nearby merchants that accept PayPal and to search for specific stores as well.  When you check in on the app you are able to add any offers that you are interested in from the store you have chosen. At that point, the app will demand your PIN to unlock your wallet. Then, your photo is beamed to the merchant’s POS screen or smartphone.

Upon arriving at the register with your items, you just need to tell the shop assistant that you are paying with PayPal. They will be able to identify you by your picture and then to confirm the payment amount.

The funds are transferred without you needing to whip out your phone a second time, unless you wish to double check the payment.

PayPal is aiming to offer customers the experience that replace a traditional wallet. The app is the most fully featured payment app to date. It can store your credit cards, send and receive money and open a credit line on your behalf. It can find local deals, make purchases inside stores that use PayPal, pay for your bill at a restaurant or a cafe and you can even order ahead.

The company is concentrating on the experience around the payment. The idea is to provide as much information as it is possible to allow  users to identify  a list of nearby businesses that accept PayPal.  Also, to make the app the most user friendly tool when it comes to make payments so they don’t feel the need to take with them the traditional wallet.

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