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Practice What You Preach – Foundry Digital's Rebrand


At Foundry, we live and breath branding. We are familiar with the necessity for companies to refresh and update their branding periodically to ensure their online presence continues to reflect and build on your brand identity. It would be hypocritical for us not to take our own advice, so the Foundry Digital website has been undergoing a strategic redesign.

Lead by Example

The Foundry team assessed how our site portrayed us, and how this differed from the way we aspired to be conveyed. We identified how our website design and functionality could be improved to better capture our identity and services, which inspired the strategising of a redesign.

It was over to our awesome designer Hector to then translate the messages we wished to communicate into a design that was full of visual appeal. As always, he channeled his passion for Foundry Digital’s principles into crafting innovative and attractive design.

foundry-portfolio-3We have a bold and vibrant set of branding colours which are a stylish snapshot of Foundry Digital’s energy. These colours are incorporated throughout our website’s design exemplifying how an identity can be built using a colour palette in a clean and minimal manner.  We often say that simplicity can be key to an attractive and engaging site, so what better way to show this than through our own website?!

Our team video acts as the greeting to visitors on the homepage. We love how it captures who the Foundry Digital team are and gives you a taster of how we work. For us, moving images is a great way to engage a user and can be used to introduce a company in a visual way.


A key part of our strategy was to make the most of visually presenting of our portfolio. We’ve made the most of using photography to showcase our understanding of how arrangement of images can be key to the aesthetic appeal of a website. We are proud to be able to showcase our clients in such a stylish way, and hope the case studies of our projects give visitors an insight into the great design and development work that partnering with Foundry Digital can result in.


The beautifully simplistic ions, present an overview of the services we offer and meets our specification of making it easy for visitors to navigate to areas of the site that interest them.

If you’re interested in how we could work together, our new Brief feature allows you to submit us your details and potential plan, so that we can reach out to you to have a chat about what Foundry Digital can offer your project.

If you can envision yourselves working with us, send us your brief!

We love our new look, so enjoy having a look around our new site, taking in all that Foundry Digital have to offer.


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