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“Professional Skills” added to Facebook Timeline


No one can deny that Facebook wants to be on top of the social networks improving every time the site’s functionality.

Facebook has made a smart move that enables the company to be a fierce competitor within the professional networks market and more exactly against LinkedIn. Now users can add to their timeline their professional skills.

Users only need to click on the edit button and a new field, “Professional Skills”, will appear under the section “Work and Education”.


Automatically, it provides links to pages focused on the skills the user has input. At the same time, it enables users to see existing friends with similar interest in the skill that was added.

Additionally, the user is able to see related pages, groups and a listing of new people who have expressed an interest in that professional ability who can be contacts that perhaps are known by the user.


This new addition on the Facebook timeline together with the company’s new APIs to help news networks to track and incorporate real-time conversations on their social networks, demonstrate the company’s desire to become the most powerful social networks at all levels.

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