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Aestimo Technologies

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Aestimo Technologies Limited is a UK-based quantitative investment advisor that harnesses quantitative techniques to extract profits from conditional inefficiencies in the European main equity markets through short-term directional positions.

Logo Refresh

Aestimo Technologies approached Foundry Digital looking to upgrade and refresh their current logo to make it more contemporary. It was important to the client that the new logo design incorporated the original colour schemes and reflected all of the etymology. At the same time, the upward pointing arrow reflects their drive towards targeting long term returns.

aestimo logo update

A visually informative layout

Website Design & Development

The colour scheme chosen for the website incorporates all of the colours that appear in the Aestimo Technologies logo, allowing consistent branding to appear throughout the website. Different elements of the logo appear across the website, lending a sense of organisation to the structure of the website. As well as this, the website as a whole is visually informative so that the company can effectively speak to their audience.

website layout

Aestimo Technologies are, quite rightly, proud of their history and the story behind their business, brand and their service. As such it was vital to have an area where visitors can learn more about the investment advisor. This is broken down into different sections, allowing a visitor to experience the full journey of how Aestimo Technologies came to be. This simultaneously demonstrates the company’s reliability and professionalism, an important inclusion for Aestimo Technologies as investment advisors.

The services that Aestimo Technologies offer are clearly laid out in the Products area of the website, again making their business increasingly accessible and easily understood by anyone who visits the website or wishes to learn more about the company.

Calls to action populate the pages, encouraging their audience to learn more about the business, read more about the information that they’re seeking, and to sign up to receive more news from Aestimo Technologies.

The website is very user friendly and allows visitors to access information about the company and their services with ease, and in a visually appealing way. Foundry Digital hope that Aestimo Technologies feel that their company identity is aptly reflected in the website that we have designed for them, and we wish them every success in their endeavour as investment advisors.

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