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Alex Tart Architects

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Achieves a class and elegance that
captures the quality of Alex Tart’s projects

Alex Tarts Architects are a small, experienced and passionate London based team specialising in high quality residential architecture. The founder’s rare combination of experience in both high quality classical design and contemporary design has formed the foundations of the company and is reflected in their values, attitude, and approach towards their architecture projects. They strongly believe their is both a place for high quality classical and contemporary residential designs . Their work reflects this by incorporating the two seamlessly together, or independently from one another, as dictated by client specification.

Branding, Identity and Design

Foundry assisted Alex Tarts Architects in rebranding the company by developing a new version of their logo and designing a website that effectively captured their vision.


Web Design and Development

The new site is successfully reflective of the company’s unique selling point of being highly skilled in both classic and contemporary design. The site is very visual, with photographs of their past work and projects showcasing the company’s talent and experience .  The strong visuals and classy colour scheme ooze reliability and style, providing users with the sense that they can have confidence in using Alex Tart.


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