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Alfen are a recruitment service specialising in the technology sector. They provide tailored recruitment and resourcing strategies based upon client requirements and take pride in matching people and places. They have an extensive network of contacts, and offer a polished and professional service.

Presenting Alfen’s service in
a user-friendly way.

Foundry made improvements to the lettering of Alfen’s logo, ensuring that the dog outline fitted seamlessly into the ‘a’, and its style reflected the company’s refreshing vibe.

Website Design & Development

With the logo perfected, Alfen appointed Foundry to create their website. The goal was to capture how the company’s dog inspired their approach to recruitment, whilst presenting Alfen’s service in a user-friendly way. Foundry succeeded in doing this by both the design and build of the project achieving a simultaneous focus on the site’s visual appeal and functionality.The images of dogs and wording communicate Alfen’s vision and values, whilst the format and navigation encourage visitors to explore the services offered.

Branding and Design for Print

Alfen were so pleased with their website that they also had Foundry design their stationary. Their business cards, letter-heads, and compliment slips help develop Alfens brand identity by continuing the style and colour scheme of the website.






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