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Providing a sleek and engaging
user experience


Ariadne Capital is an investment firm, founded in London UK in 2000, by Julie Meyer MBE, which builds Ecosystem Economics based firms. Entrepreneur Country is their platform for bringing Digital David’s and Industrial Giants together to model and deliver future states of their businesses. Through a platform of strategic investments and events Ariadne Capital’s mission is to champion Entrepreneurs who have the vision to change the economic value of new and existing markets.

Website Design and Development

The Foundry Digital team were delighted to be appointed to work with Ariadne Capital again. This time’s project was the design and build of their new website.The Ariadne Capital site needed to be memorable for all the right reasons; their fresh and powerful idea needed to be accompanied with a fresh and powerful look.


Our solution? A site that teams smart, cool, and stylish aesthetics with user-friendly, interactive and engaging functionality.


The design has achieved a professional look, a trait that will be central to Ariadne Capital continuing their development into a highly respected and sought after company. From the moment you arrive on the site, its colour scheme, use of images and page formatting provide an attractive cohesiveness.


This sleek visual styling is mirrored in and is intrinsic to achieving the website’s simple functionality.


What could be a complex and confusing overload of information is displayed and structured in a user friendly way . Clear tabs and menus make it easy for a visitor to navigate their way through the site, thus achieving the ideal of encouraging a user to spend time on the site and learn more about Ariadne Capital’s Ecosystem Economics.


We wish Ariadne Capital all the success as they continue their journey, and look forward to working more with Julie Meyer MBE and the team.






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