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Esports Community and Blockchain Exchange Platform

Esports is the fastest-growing form of digital entertainment. Platforms like BestMeta allow enthusiasts to follow and engage with their favourite esports talents as well as other members of the community, thereby empowering the professional talent that they support.

Foundry Digital was intrigued by what BestMeta want to achieve and was hugely excited at the idea of being involved with a project that encouraged authenticity in an area of the tech industry that is at the forefront of digital entertainment. BestMeta operate with a high level of integrity so it was important for Foundry to take the time to understand what the platform needed to achieve, and create an appropriate online presence to reflect this.


Corporate giants of the digital entertainment world currently bridge the gap between the gaming community and professionals by providing platforms where fans can consume gaming content and generate support for the talent. But in an effort to create on-going support in the form of donations, these big corporate names eliminate the opportunity for esports talents to become independent, both financially and also in generating their own sustained following.

Enter BestMeta.

Along with the tried and tested strategy of providing new content to a vast network of fans thereby encouraging them to donate and provide support, BestMeta bring a cutting edge innovation. They have created a platform on which professional gaming talents can issue branded Personalized Talent Tokens in exchange for exclusive talent designed offerings. In doing so, the BestMeta ecosystem enables fans to show their commitment by buying into their favourite gaming pros.



Naturally, such a forward-thinking project needs equally innovative technology to drive it, which is why BestMeta use Blockchain. Not only does this add transparency and accountability to the transaction of funds and services within the ecosystem, but it will also allow fans to track exactly where their money is going and what it is doing to support their favourite pro. The Robin Hood of the esports world, BestMeta want to take the financial support and investment being soaked up by larger corporations, and redirect it to the source of the content that inspires community engagement.

The aim for Foundry Digital was to create a website that BestMeta could present to potential investors, whilst also allowing scope for it to be adapted for future use. The site was based on BestMeta’s original branding which was implemented throughout, alongside engaging content and visual processes which allow visitors to gain more of an understanding of BestMeta’s enthusing prospects and cutting-edge ideas.

The outcome of Foundry Digital’s collaboration with BestMeta is an organised and informative site, which demonstrates the exciting new platform that they provide. It allows visitors an easily accessible method of supporting their favourite esports talents, as well as ways of getting involved in the wider community. Finally, the site gives BestMeta a strong online presence, allowing them to boost their following and take a step closer to achieving ultimate authenticity in the digital entertainment world.


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