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Producing the finest quality diamond and coloured stone jewellery in contemporary but enduring designs, EW Adams have a wealth of experience in sourcing and in-house manufacturing enabling their jewellery offering of consistently high quality and value, in equal measure, without compromise. Their extensive collection offers enormous variety in diamond & gemstone choice coupled with great depth in price point.

Web Design and Development

The EW Adams website showcases their range of stunning jewellery. The site’s design and colour scheme is elegant and sophisticated, with items being displayed at their best in the product portfolio and individual product pages. This design is teamed with sleek navigation, including a comprehensive Search function to ensure user a smooth navigation journey to their required pages.

It is highly important that the EW Adams website displays an up-to-date listing of the products available. As a result Foundry Digital linked the website to the EW Adams stock database which means that the system scans all products on their database and updates the website’s front end product listing accordingly. This eliminates mistakes being made from manual upload, and removes the effort spent ensuring that the products are kept current.

Security was of concern for EW Adams, as it is for any company using eCommerce. It is essential EW Adams know they are offering clients safe and secure accounts and dealings. Having an SSL Certificate is recommended by Foundry digital if you are a company dealing with details of a sensitive nature. With purchase of an SSL certificate, EW Adams are maximising their security efforts, and so provide a trustworthy environment.

Their website fittingly presents their products in a sleek and sophisticated way. It enables account holders to  request consignment, show products to buyers in a clean and attractive formatted document, or begin the purchase process.



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