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FashionCapital is the UK’s leading portal for the fashion industry, encouraging young designers and fashion start-ups to follow a sustainable and ethical path to success. Since 2001 they have provided a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all the intel and advice that brands and business-owners need to navigate the fast-paced worlds of fashion, manufacturing and business.

A prioritised focus on the content with a consistently informative layout

The underlying ethos that embodies is a forward-thinking belief that fashion should be a sustainable and ethical industry, with manufacturing and production being sourced in a responsible way. As such they are staunch supporters of the “Made in Britain” campaign, which seeks to empower individuals to get ahead in their fashion career in a conscientious way. This message of authenticity is something that Foundry Digital identifies with, making us keen to support the FashionCapital cause.

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Website Design & Development

The aim for Foundry Digital was to create a website that engaged visitors and allowed them to access information and advice with minimal difficulty and maximum encouragement. It was vital that attracted new members and so Foundry Digital needed to fulfil the goal of making this as easy and desirable as possible for the portal’s users.

Foundry Digital understood FashionCapital’s desire to keep substance as paramount over style in terms of delivering their message through the online portal. This meant retaining a prioritised focus on the content that appeared on the site whilst also achieving an informative layout. The tools and advice that users come to the site for was made increasingly accessible, with clear details of locations and contact details made available. As well as this, information on upcoming events and training opportunities highlight plenty of avenues of potential which users can get involved in.

eCommerce Design & Development

Having created the online platform, the site needed an eCommerce element so that by purchasing a FashionCapital membership, users can have unlimited access to events, mentoring sessions, and industry documents. Taking membership admissions online has streamlined the process for Fashion Capital, and brings the whole vision into a user-friendly digital reality. The result is a simplified and polished site with clear direction to wherever visitors need to be.

The images used on the site showcase some of the exciting work that FashionCapital is involved in and accompanies concise and informative summaries of each section. Paired with a simple colour scheme, this allows focus to remain on the content so that visitors can get the most out of the platform. In doing so the outcome is doubled, not only do users achieve their goal of taking a step closer to building a successful career in the fashion industry, but also achieve theirs of nurturing and growing an interest and passion for sustainable fashion.

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