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Grosik Money

Grosik is a leading provider of international transfers with an online platform that allows you to make international transfers in a simple and safe way in just a few minutes. They offer the additional advantage of low fees and a high exchange rate, and they give their customers the confidence that their funds are safe and covered by the best exchange rate. Grosik is a trade brand of VFX FINANCIAL PLC, which performs international transfers in the FX industry, and they specialise in private and business transfers sent to suppliers around the world.

Mobile App Development

Grosik approached Foundry Digital to collaborate with them on a mobile app that allows their customers to make international transfers to bank accounts in Poland. Our app development team were tasked with producing a handy tool that allowed simple navigation from sign-up/login pages through to transaction completion.

grosik app login

It was important that the app functioned across a variety of devices, and as such was selected to be developed for Android devices in order to support current demand for money remittance service using Samsung and HTC mobile phones by their current target market:  the Polish community.

grosik app rates

Available in both Polish and English, the app can be used by any member of the public wishing to make money transfers to Polish accounts at the best exchange rates. The functionality of the mobile app means that users are able to store beneficiaries and pay by debit card or bank transfer on the go. New users are required to create an account on the desktop application via prior to their first login.

grosik app transfer

Display Advertising

In order to support the launch of the new Grosik Money mobile app, Foundry Digital were tasked with promoting the money transfer service. Primarily targeting an audience of Polish nationality or ethnicity, the campaign spans multiple popular publications throughout the UK and appears on a number of relevant websites frequently used by the identified target market.

za darmo grosik

The Grosik Money mobile app is a handy tool for anyone wishing to transfer funds to and from Polish bank accounts and we’re sure that Grosik will have much success with their venture.

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