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Lavolio create delicious one-of-a-kind handmade confectionery. They are much more than a box of chocolates, using real pieces of fruit, nuts and jellies wrapped in chocolate and spices. Each Lavolio sweet has a delicate sugar-spun shell hand made in the old-fashioned way, making them the perfect indulgent treat or special gift.

Foundry Digital love working with clients who are passionate about their industry, so we feel lucky to work with Lavinia Davolio, inventor and founder of Lavolio Confectionery.

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eCommerce Design

Lavolio sought a website refresh so that their online presence captured the company’s vibrant personality and unique take on confectionery. This required thought into which colour schemes and layouts should be chosen so that we would be able to achieve this.

A pink and white colour scheme was selected in order to create a fresh and sophisticated look for the brand. It was important to make sure that this colour palette fit seamlessly with both the colours of the sweets and the decorative designs of the tin boxes, and this is something that the new website achieves.

Lavolio ecommerce products

All Lavolio products have enticing photography and are presented with a simplicity that is attractive yet functional, showcasing Lavolio’s confectionery in a way that aligns with the brand’s identity. The website is very visual and displays Lavolio’s products in a stylish way whilst also capturing the team’s passion for hand-made, bespoke confectionery. A carousel of images was incorporated into the Home Page so that users would be welcomed to the website by being given a taster of what Lavolio offer, further emphasising the visually enticing character of the website.

Beyond the design element of this project, Foundry Digital also worked to ensure that a user’s journey from the moment they enter the website to the moment they purchase Lavolio’s delectable delicacies was as smooth and effortless as possible. Our designers had already achieved an enticing and appealing appearance for the Lavolio website, so this was something that we sought to ensure was communicated to our developers so that a consistency across both the visual and functional characteristics of the eCommerce website was realised.

The outcome is just that, and we are pleased that Lavolio’s site meets their vision of how they should be presented online in the world of confectionery. Lavolio Corporate Gifts

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