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PlantCollections is an online luxury furniture retailer, founded by style icon and successful entrepreneur Linda Plant. With a keen eye for stylish interior and furniture designs, Linda spotted a gap in the market for furniture that lends a luxury feel to any home space, whilst still being affordable and from there, PlantCollections was born. Linda worked with a team of designers to bring her visions into reality, resulting in an extensive collection of opulent furniture.

The pieces are a selection of timeless classics that have been given a modern twist to bring them into the 21st century. Customers can add their own personal touch by choosing from a selection of materials and finishes, allowing individuals to purchase a classic piece of furniture that is bespoke to their own taste.

A bespoke furniture line supported by a clean and elegant website look, adding touches of understated luxury.

Plant Collections logo identity

Logo Design

Foundry Digital have been working closely with Linda to ensure that her vision is brought to life in just the way she had imagined. The journey began with creating a logo that reflected the chic essence of Linda’s furniture line, but did not detract from the beautiful designs themselves. The result is a simple yet impactful logo which allows the brand to intrigue customers and to stand out amongst competitors.

As well as this, Foundry Digital created business cards and letterheads, ensuring that PlantCollections’ elegance was consistently reflected across all areas of the business. The portrait design of the business card adds a unique edge to the brand highlighting its stylish personality in the luxury interior furnishings market.


Plant Collections products

Website Design & Development

It was vital that the PlantCollections website reflected a similar sense of style and elegance as do the brand and furnishings. Foundry Digital delivered a sleek web design that creates a seamless user journey, so that visitors can navigate from the Home Page through to contacting PlantCollections about adding bespoke finishes to their chosen design with ease.

It is a well-organised website that provides multiple opportunities for discovering more about Linda’s designs and getting in contact with PlantCollections. The images selected for the Home Page exhibit an enticing example of the touch of style that Linda Plant’s designs bring to any home, drawing in visitors and encouraging them to explore her luxury range.


PlantCollections Products

Design for Print

A further creative aspect of this project involved the designing of Business Cards, Letterheads, Invoices and Order forms for PlantCollections which were then printed by our sister company, Concept Foundry. The logo is reflected in an impactful way across all types of stationery, allowing PlantCollections to be strongly represented throughout all phases of their business processes.

It has been a pleasure to work with such a successful business icon as Linda Plant, and we sincerely hope that our work has created a result that she can be thrilled with. We look forward to discovering how our relationship will develop as the PlantCollections brand grows.

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