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Pontus Vision

Pontus Vision are a reputable regtech firm, and are experts at optimising the performance of financial and government organisations, ensuring that complex data requirements are managed in secure and GDPR-compliant ways. They deliver insight to businesses by providing them with access to customer data, allowing the organisation to transform customer experience whilst remaining within regulation boundaries.


Foundry Digital worked with Pontus Vision to do a complete redesign and restructure of the website. The new design centres around making the user’s journey more streamlined, allowing them to enter the site and find the information that they seek in an organised and simplified manner.

pontus vision website

Pontus Vision’s three key services are highlighted throughout: GDPR, Thread Manager and Consultancy, with the pages broken down into succinct categories. Each page has a side navigation menu that allows visitors to navigate through the website with ease, arriving at demo videos and other information including how to get in touch with Pontus Vision to find out more.

pontus vision

The result of Foundry Digital’s work is an organised and tidy website with clear call-to-actions guiding visitors between pages. The design is sleek and minimal which lends a professional feel to Pontus Vision, reflecting the firm’s reputation in the regtech industry.

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