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Website Design & Development

Redshift appointed us to work with them to overhaul their outdated website and replace it with a fresh online presence that would both communicate their service offering and convey their strength, passion and experience.

Interactive functionality to give visitors a great user experience

Redshift have three key areas of consultancy work to which they excel – Strategy, Valuations, Insight and Analytics. It was crucial these had prominence on the new website, so they are featured as the first banner of the homepage as well as having dedicated pages within the site.

Redshift have a lot to offer a huge diversity of industry. It was important to convey the extent and diversity of consultancy work they do, so we explored ways to capture this effectively. We helped them capture the breadth of project they complete by enabling an impressive library of case studies that are categorised under both services (strategy, valuations, insight and analytics and industries (Telecoms, Entertainment, IOT & AI, Creative Industries, Smart Tech, Sport). This allows Redshift to showcase their work, whilst making it easy for users to navigate their way to areas of interest on the website.

The new Redshift website successfully teams attractive branded design with effective communication of Redshift’s expertise and offerings, all supported by strong and interactive functionality to give visitors a great user experience.

Another awesome webdesign and development project by Foundry Digital. Go team!

Redshift are a fast-growing specialist strategy consultancy. Their team is led by industry experts with extensive experience in advising senior executives across multiple industries and continents, providing industry insight and strategic advice that enables them to navigate the rapidly changing global business environment.

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