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Remedy Locums


Website Design and Build

Remedy Locums required a site that impressively offered jobs in the medical world. It was key to stand apart from generalised recruitment companies as experts in Ophthalmology who have a wealth of experience in this field.

The incorporation of the logo’s purple contributes to developing a strong brand identity for Remedy Locums as is featured as the primary colour throughout the site.

Meanwhile, the bold addition of lime green, stark blue, and vibrant orange is refreshing and helps ensure a user’s attention is drawn to the jobs. Each medical area of expertise is defined by its own colour and icon, providing individual identities within the site. This helps users become familiar with the places on the site that will be of interest to them, therefore improving the ease of navigation which makes users more likely to return to Remedy Locums.

Elements such as the Ticker Tape across the Homepage , the rolling carousel of jobs and the job search function featured on all of the site’s pages serve to encourage a user to explore Remedy Locums’ offerings.

Web design and functionality that is
the Remedy to complex job hunting

Remedy Locums is a specialist recruitment agency that offers a truly bespoke service to its Clients, focusing on selected areas of acute medical and surgical specialties. They guarantee a service that is specific to your needs, adding value within our areas of focus and above all, putting patient care first.

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