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RHS is an organisation set up to support our NHS by offering a comprehensive insourced/outsourced healthcare service aimed at reducing the backlog that inevitably comes about in the more understaffed medical specialties across the UK. They help the NHS to reduce waiting times in a cost-effective and comprehensive way, improving the functioning of our health service.

The new layout displays RHS services in a comprehensive and user-friendly way

Logo Design

Foundry Digital were approached by RHS to help build their brand and also to design and build their website that will provide them with a strong online presence.Foundry Digital were approached by RHS to design their logo and create a colour scheme, which needed to reflect the organised and streamlined support services that they offer which operate at the highest level of professionalism. The colour scheme was selected in order to align the RHS brand with the medical industry, and also to conjure up connotations of the National Health Service. The result is an appropriately minimal design which represents the service as being smart and professional.


Website Design & Development

Along with the logo, RHS also approached Foundry Digital asking us to create a website that presented them as a brand, whilst simultaneously showcasing the services they offer. At Foundry Digital, we know all about how to make sure that a brand is effectively portrayed by their online platform, so this was a task that we gladly took on.

rhs home page

The website produced demonstrates RHS to be a responsible and trustworthy organisation, and lays out the services that they offer in a comprehensive and user-friendly nature. The organisation’s certifications and qualifications are clearly visible to support their professional reputation, and are accompanied by a detailed description of how they operate. As well as this, opportunities to get in touch with RHS are provided across the website, making it easy for visitors to make any enquiries.

It has been a pleasure to work on a website design and development project for an organisation that carries out such important work, and we look forward to seeing how Foundry Digital’s relationship with RHS develops in the future.

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