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Rohan Stevenson




Using web design to present
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Rohan Stevenson is an award winning composer best known for his work on the hugely successful BBC TV series Merlin and Casualty 1900s (London Hospital).

The main feature of his work is the search for distinctive and fresh melodic and thematic ideas that can develop and morph to tell a story, or carry the ear through time. It doesn’t matter if it is for film or the concert hall, the aim is always for a distinctive and immediately understood idea.

Web Design and Development

Foundry Digital were appointed to create a new site for Rohan Stevenson that would effectively and attractively showcase his work.

The homepage needed to be eye-catching to convince the reader to continue navigating themselves around the site to hear Rohan’s work. The homepage is therefore image focussed, with photography capturing famous characters from some of the shows and films Stevenson has composed for.

The categories of TV/Film, Trailers, Library and Concert enable a user to view and listen to work that Stevenson has compared.  The Trailers section has each of his works appear as a pop up when selected which adds an element of interaction to the listening process, helping the site user engage with Stevenson’s compositions.

Foundry Digital enjoyed this website creation and build, as presenting an individual and their talent was a different scale challenge and required a different approach to some of the corporate firms we also work with.


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