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Communicating Sakura’s services in
an attractive and functional way

Sakura Business Solutions Ltd is a London based accountancy and business advisory firm with a unique approach that differs from more traditional accountancy firms. They are passionate about helping clients’ businesses prosper by combining accounting services with proactive and strategic business advice to provide clients with long-term, practical and commercially oriented solutions with visible results.

Web Design and Development

Sakura needed a website that communicated their service in an attractive and functional way. Arranging information using icons and shapes creates a visual language that is inviting to a user and clearly presents Sakura’s long-term approach to business growth of combining the disciplines of  traditional tax, accounting and bookkeeping services with improved planning, reporting and strategic advice.

The Sakura website also further defines Sakura’s visual identity through cohesive design. The repetition of the Sakura logo shape and colours results in the website extending and securing the company’s brand identity.

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