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Samsung are an international technology production company who create the latest in cutting-edge technology from Smartphones and Tablets to televisions and home appliances. They launch their products at the annual IFA event in Berlin, demonstrating their most recent innovative designs that are set to be released to the public in the coming months. The Press Conference allows Samsung to exhibit its products and provide demonstrations ahead of product release dates so that press organisations can spread the word.

The design communicated the same seamless and effortless user experience that Samsung products offer

IFA conference

Software Development

Foundry Digital supported Samsung with the development of their online presence for the IFA Press Conference, the renowned international event where Samsung present their latest products to leaders of the tech industry. Our development of the registrations site’s back end simultaneously enabled guests of the conference to confirm their attendance and gave a hint at the exciting event they would be attending.

It was important for the front end of the registration software to reflect the Samsung brand, and accurately portray their identity as one of the world’s leading technology producers. The design was reflective of  the seamless and effortless user experience that Samsung products offer their consumers.

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Foundry Digital feel hugely privileged to have been able to work on a development project with such a reputable technology company as Samsung.

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